Mélange of unrelated videos from China shared misleadingly in context to recent Corona Virus Outbreak.

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With the rapid spread of the new strain of coronavirus from China and reports of detection of Corona Virus in a Chinese tourist in Sri Lanka, social media was inundated with content related to Corona Virus outbreak. Along with genuine news reports, however, a number of false and misleading content is also heavily shared on social media.  Especially posts with videos.

In this context, we noticed a video posted by a Facebook profile named Arm Rayiz with the caption “Corona virus update…OMG” 

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This post shared by over 4200 Facebook users in a short span of time, has received numerous responses with some sympathizing the victims while others denying video’s relation with the recent Corona Virus outbreak. The video shows behavioral changes in the infected person. Since such behavioral changes were not listed as symptoms of the novel coronavirus, we decided to find the origin of the video.

Fact Check

While observing the video, we found that the video was created using a series of smaller video clips. In order to examine these videos we did a Google Reverse Image search with different frames of the video as shown below.

We observed that the video was related to incidents that have taken place in the past in China. Given below is the reverse image search result of the first frame, which was taken from a hoax video, circulating in China since early 2018. The video was shared related to “”rabies attack in boys” in which a little boy makes howls like a dog with an expression of pain; the three adults next to him hold the child while massaging his head.

Reverse Image Search 1

In fact, the reverse image searches of the first few frames revealed that they were misinterpretations on how patients were dealing with rabies. The links of a translated article debunking these rumors is given below.

Translated Article Link

We carried out reverse image search on other images as well and found that one was associated with a Chinese woman biting a man over marriage issues. 

Reverse Image Search 2

Other video is also related to rumors regarding rabies and have no relation with the recent Corona Virus outbreak in China. 

Reverse Image Search 3


A mix of different unrelated videos from China have been merged to create this misleading video shared in context to Corona Virus. People infected by Corona Virus 2019-nCoV, do not exhibit the symptoms such as howling like dogs and biting as shown in the video. Hence, we would request our readers not to share such videos without verification. Our readers can send us doubtful content for verification on our Whatsapp number 771514696.


Title:mélange of unrelated videos merged together shared in context with coronavirus

Fact Check By: Sathyajith Subasinghe 

Result: False

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