Fact Check: Did Pope Francis appoint Monsignor Indunil Janakaratne due to lack of faith in Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith …?

In response to the stern statement made by Cardinal Malcom Ranjith at the occasion of the re-opening of Katuwapitiya church, 3 months after the brutal Easter Sunday bomb attacks, various groups have voiced varied opinions. While some have stated these statements were bold and valid, others have questioned the need of such remarks and the […]


Fact Check: Is Glucuronolactone a toxic chemical that makes Red Bull drink unfit for consumption…?

Claim on Social Media Facebook Archived Link The above post is being circulated on Facebook since last four years and to this date, it has been shared more than 12000 times and is still being shared. The post does not contain any description but an image with a text claim in Sinhalese. In addition, cans […]

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