Footage of an Adult Film Mistakenly Being Aired on TV Screen at Asiri Hospital? Find out the truth…

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Social media has undeniably revolutionised societal connectivity, facilitating communication and networking on an unprecedented scale. However, its influence isn’t without pitfalls. Social circles often serve as a platform for disseminating misleading content, tarnishing the image of reputable individuals and institutions. Let’s look at one such claim targeting a private hospital in Sri Lanka.

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 A video circulating on social media purportedly shows an incident at Asiri Hospital in Sri Lanka. While patients were watching a television screen in the waiting area, an adult film suddenly appeared on the screen, prompting health workers to switch quickly switch it off.

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The claim is viral on WhatsApp, too.

The same claim was also attributed to hospitals in India, as seen below. Archived

Fact Check:

No Mainstream Media Reports: Despite the circulation of this video on social media platforms, mainstream Sri Lankan media outlets have not reported on such an incident occurring at Asiri Hospital or any other medical facility in the country. Keyword search results also did not yield any such instance of an adult film recently being aired on an Asiri hospital TV screen.

Verification via Video Keyframes: Utilizing the InVID-We-Verify tool, an analysis revealed that the incident did really occur, but not in Sri Lanka. The event happened in a Central American country, Costa Rica, specifically at a vaccination centre in San Jose City, back in 2021. A report about it can be read here. Archived 

Details of the Actual Incident: In the verified incident, the television at the vaccination centre was connected to public broadcasting channels. Unexpectedly, it was connected to someone’s computer, resulting in the adult film being displayed. Health workers promptly intervened and switched off the television to address the situation.

Clarification on Location and Context: While the video is being shared with the claim that it happened at Asiri Hospital in Sri Lanka, it is essential to clarify that the incident occurred in a different country and context.

Misleading Nature of the Video: Presenting the video as an incident at Asiri Hospital in Sri Lanka misleads viewers about the actual location and circumstances surrounding the event, which can lead to confusion and distrust among the public on the said organisation.

Importance of Source Verification: This incident underscores the importance of verifying the source and context of videos and information before sharing them on social media platforms. Without proper verification, misinformation can spread rapidly and contribute to a climate of distrust and confusion.

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In conclusion, the video circulating on social media allegedly depicting an adult film playing at Asiri Hospital in Sri Lanka is misleading. The footage is, in fact, attributed to a vaccination centre in San Jose City, Costa Rica, in 2021. Therefore, claims associating this incident with Asiri Hospital in Sri Lanka are false.


Title:Footage of an Adult Film Mistakenly Being Aired on TV Screen at Asiri Hospital? Find out the truth…

Written By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: Misleading

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