A video of a robot playing a badminton game with a human is edited! Know the truth…

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A recent viral video of a badminton match between a robot and two human players and another clip of a robot making amazing moves during a table tennis match with a human player has been making the rounds in the media. 

However, the Fact Crescendo team found that these clips to be edited and AI-generated. Let’s look at the claim in detail.

Social Media Claim

A video showing how a robot has beaten and won over a human player during a game of table tennis has been widely posted and spread on social media. One has a video post captioned, “New Technology: Robot Playing Tennis.” has been shared and reacted to mixed comments by the users.

The following video shows the full video clip of a robot playing table tennis against a real human.


Facebook Post | Archived Link

In another instance involving robot vs. human matchups, a video claims to show an advanced robot defeating a couple of humans in a game of badminton. Below is the full video clip with the caption, “Badminton with robot!! Practice partner”.

Facebook Link | Archived Link

Also another TikTok video clip also went viral among WhatsApp and TikTok users.


TikTok Link | Archived Link

Fact Check

Fact Crescendo team reviewed and verified the above claim through a Google Reverse Image Search, which brought us to the following facts:

We found several identical video clips showing the scene of a badminton game above, which were published by many media outlets and websites.

An exact video of a badminton match was found and posted on YouTube, an American online video sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States, on March 28, 2023. The video does not, however, feature a real robot. It was digitally modified to include an animated character instead of a real person using a visual effects program driven by AI.

The original video depicted Yang Wang, a player from Slovakia, and Pavel Sirucek, a player from the Czech Republic, at this year’s European Championships on March 22 in the Czech Republic.

The following video shows the exact and real video of a badminton match, which does not show the robot playing against the human player at all.

YouTube Link | Archived Link

Also, the above case has been verified and checked by AP previously as well.

Additionally, while searching the keyframes of the badminton game, we came across a clip from October 21, 2021. This video was found and posted on the Facebook group “Phalore Bedmation Club” as well. The badminton match was included 3 human players, single player against couple others, and there are no robots to be seen in the video at all.

Facebook Post | Archived Link

Below are the comparisons between the edited video and the original video found on social media.

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Fact Crescendo’s team found the viral video clip depicting a robot beating a human player at a badminton field to be altered. A robot is AI-generated to be replaced by one of the players in the video and the original footage is taken from the most recent European Championships.


Title:A video of a robot playing a badminton game with a human is edited! Know the truth…

Written By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: Altered

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