“Kasippu” cans for sale in Sri Lanka? Find out the Facts…

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Kasippu, a locally produced illicit alcoholic beverage in Sri Lanka, has been gaining popularity, especially in regional parts of the island, as liquor prices have risen considerably over the past few months. And with increased taxes, the trend is set to increase.

Within such a background, specific social media posts suggest that cans of “kasippu” are now available in markets with different flavors under the name” kasippu.”

Social Media Posts 

Titled, “When all else fails, we go for the common man’s poison.” A social media post implied the prevalence of “kasippu” cans for sale publicly in the market with the brand name “kasippu.”

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Users commented on it like below.

Fact Check

First, we searched in markets and selling places or liquor whether the such product was available. However, we could not find any such.

Then, we contacted the media spokesman of the excise department, Kapila Kumarasinghe, and he confirmed that no license is allowed to sell kasippu or any related liquor in Sri Lanka.

And then, we searched more about the viral images and found that these were not actual liquor cans but only the artwork of a graphic designer.


The above 3D artwork was created by Damsith Thennakone and posted on his social channels, which carried the same labels however on wine bottles. We contacted Damsith, who confirmed that someone else got a label from his design and created a new design using a beer can shape.

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Our investigation revealed that ‘kasippu,’ the illicit alcoholic beverage, has not been legalized in Sri Lanka and is not available for sale under any brand name. Moreover, the cans in social media posts are not actual ‘kasippu’ cans but are only the work of a graphic designer.


Title:“Kasippu” cans for sale in Sri Lanka? Find out the Facts…

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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