Does Uber Really Have the “Walking Buddy” Feature?

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Recently, a claim has resurfaced on various social media platforms stating that the Uber app now includes a “Walking Buddy” feature. This feature supposedly allows users to request someone to walk with them, similar to how they can request a ride.

Social Media Claims

Many Facebook users posted a screenshot from the Uber app, including a feature called “Walking Buddy”.

Source | Archive

Source | Archive

However, upon fact-checking, we discovered that the feature is not real.


We initiated our fact-checking into this matter by utilizing the Reverse Image Search feature. We discovered that the claim has been circulating since 2020 on X platform, formerly known as Twitter (Post Archive). Even the official Uber account humorously responded to the viral post.


However, after thoroughly examining Uber’s website and social media handles, we found no content mentioning this feature. Furthermore, Uber’s spokesperson, Conor Ferguson, confirmed to Reuters that the screenshot is edited and Uber does not provide a “Walking Buddy” option. Read the article from Reuter here.

Uber and Its Services

Established in 2009, Uber Technologies Inc. is renowned for its app-based ride-hailing services, offering diverse options like UberX, Comfort, Black, and Green for electric vehicle rides. Beyond ride-hailing, Uber operates Uber Eats for food delivery, Uber Rent for car rentals, and Uber for Business, providing travel and delivery services for companies. With Uber Health, they cater to the healthcare sector, and Uber Freight connects shippers and carriers. The company also provides bike-sharing and electric scooter services. In 2023, Uber partnered with Waymo for autonomous rides, although availability varies by location. (Source)


In conclusion, the assertion that Uber has introduced a “Walking Buddy” feature is false. This claim has been circulating since 2020. An Uber spokesperson confirmed that the viral screenshot was edited, and Uber does not offer a “Walking Buddy” option.


Title:Does Uber Really Have the “Walking Buddy” Feature?

Fact Check By: Cielito Wang 

Result: False

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