Fact-checking the Viral Ad for Vietnamese Brides: A Shocking Reality

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A photograph circulating on social media has captured the attention of millions. The image shows an advertisement allegedly offering Vietnamese wives for sale, sparking outrage and concern due to its shocking nature. Fact Crescendo has decided to investigate this matter further.

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The viral image in question, found on Twitter, depicts a newspaper advertisement. The ad reads, “Buy a wife from Vietnam for only 6000 USD. Guaranteed virgin. Guaranteed to be delivered within 90 days. NO extra charges. If she runs away within a year, you get another one for FREE.”

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The post has been viewed over 28 million times so far. We also found that the same photo is being shared on Instagram and Facebook platforms.

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We used a Reverse Image Search to verify the authenticity of the image. This search led us to the Skeptics page, where a user questioned the authenticity of the same newspaper ad seven years ago. It confirmed that the photo did not originate from a reputable news outlet but rather a Flickr image posted in 2004. Moreover, the text associated with the image identifies the women as Chinese, not Vietnamese.

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Upon further research, we discovered that trafficking in Vietnam is a long-standing, alarming issue. Many groups and organizations have acknowledged and expressed concern about this problem.

Bride Industry in Vietnam

While the specific newspaper ad may be fake, it is essential to recognize that the issues surrounding women trafficking persist in Vietnam. The Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies, Universitas Gajah Mada, discusses the mail-order bride industry in the article “Wives for sale! Exports of the Vietnamese Bride Industry”, that Vietnamese brides are sold as an ‘economic good’. Countries are either ‘sending’ (like Vietnam) or ‘receiving’ in this industry, driven by socio-economic factors. Vietnamese brides are popular in East Asia due to cultural similarities and the region’s economic rise, altering marriage norms. The article highlights the problematic dehumanization in this industry yet analyzes it from an economic viewpoint. The full article can be read here.

Moreover, in 2019, UNICEF conducted a study in Vietnam on this matter, which reveals that both girls and boys face equal risk of trafficking. According to key findings, approximately 5.6% of Vietnamese children may have experiences related to child trafficking, with those from deprived backgrounds living in poverty being particularly susceptible. Most trafficking victims experience violence and labour exploitation, and less than 10% of those who have been trafficked or exploited reported receiving any form of support. The study underscores the urgent need for gender-responsive prevention and support mechanisms to protect these vulnerable children from exploitation. While the specific newspaper ad may be fake, the reality of women trafficking in Vietnam remains a pressing issue.


Even if the newspaper ad isn’t real, it highlights a tragic reality – human trafficking, especially of women – cannot be ignored. This issue persists, and global awareness is crucial. Advocating for women’s equal rights is integral to combating these horrendous acts.

Additionally, the underlying factors that perpetuate this atrocious trade must be addressed, such as poverty, inadequate education, and discriminatory policies that disadvantage women. Only a comprehensive approach can help us halt these severe human rights violations.

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Title:Fact-checking the Viral Ad for Vietnamese Brides: A Shocking Reality

Written By: Fact Crescendo Team 

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