Sajith Premadasa’s Comments on His Educational Experience in UK Misinterpreted in Social Media

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Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has frequently become the target of misinformation campaigns on social media, where his speeches are often edited and altered. As the presidential election in Sri Lanka approaches, these misleading attacks have intensified, aiming to undermine his credibility and influence.

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A video circulating on social media claims that Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa stated he was ranked as the least performing student in his primary division at St. Thomas’ College and Royal College, Colombo.

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We decided to do a fact-check on this.

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Upon examining the original video, it becomes evident that the claims circulating on social media are taken out of context and misrepresent Sajith Premadasa’s actual statements. Here is a detailed breakdown of what he actually said:

Educational Initiatives:

Premadasa was speaking at an event in 2022 December, where he donated a bus to Maharagama Central College. During his speech, Sajith promised that under his future government, English language labs would be established in all government schools across Sri Lanka. This initiative aims to improve English language skills among students. Just listen from one hour and 8 minutes

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Personal Experience in Sri Lanka:

He mentioned that during his time at St. Thomas’ College and Royal College in Colombo, he was among the higher ranks in terms of English language skills.

Challenges in England:

Premadasa elaborated that when he moved to England for his O-Levels and A-Levels, he found himself at the bottom or weakest points in comparison to the UK  standards of English proficiency. This experience motivated him to improve his language skills.

Efforts to Improve English Skills:

To overcome the language barrier, he actively engaged in several practices:

Watching news channels like BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera.

Reading English newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Telegraph.

Utilizing English language labs.

Learning new English words and synonyms daily.

He credited his father as an inspiration for his dedication to learning English.

Advice to Students:

Premadasa encouraged students to watch English news channels and improve their language skills through consistent practice and learning.

Verification of Academic Performance:

While we do not have access to Premadasa’s educational certificates from St. Thomas’ College or Royal College, we cannot independently verify his academic performance at these institutions.

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The video has been misrepresented on social media. Sajith Premadasa did not claim to be the least performing student at his schools in Sri Lanka. Instead, he shared his experiences of facing challenges with English proficiency upon moving to England and his efforts to overcome those challenges. His speech emphasized the importance of improving English language skills and proposed the establishment of English language labs in Sri Lankan schools as a part of his vision for educational development. Therefore, the viral video clearly alters and misrepresents his statements, misleading the public about Premadasa’s actual message and intentions.


Title:Sajith Premadasa’s Comments on His Educational Experience in UK Misinterpreted in Social Media

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: Altered

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