The Video Alleges China Air-Dropped Food To Palestinians Is Misleading

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Recently, a video circulated on social media claims that China has distributed food to people in the Gaza Strip and Palestine via airdrop.

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We received a user request from our fact-checking channel. The video in question was circulated with the claim that “China is dropping food and medicine from the sky to assist Palestine.”

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Moreover, we have discovered similar videos on other platforms likeX (Twitter), Facebook and TikTok.

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We have conducted a verification of the origin of various footage within the viral video and found that some footage does not match the claims made above. This includes the use of video from an event in the United States where food was dropped from planes in the Gaza Strip on March 2. (source)

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Additionally, while the source of the remainder of the video remains uncertain, no credible news sources have reported on food drops from the Chinese government to people in the Gaza Strip.

Countries currently reported to have sent food and other survival equipment to Gaza include Jordan, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Egypt.

As reported on the Chinese government’s website, China has provided aid to Palestine to alleviate the crisis in the Gaza Strip. However, there is no mention of food being delivered via plane drops.

The reports indicate that China has provided monetary assistance and also dispatched food, medical supplies, and other necessary humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip via Egypt.

During the recent holy month of Ramadan, China aimed to provide additional food supplies to the Gaza Strip. Rice was sent by ship, arriving at the port of Said in Egypt on March 28, and then transported to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah camp. The full report is available here (Archive).

Impacts of Food Airdropping

Airdropping food from airplanes is a strategy used in crisis situations when individuals are in desperate need of life-saving assistance and isolated from the world. It allows for the quick delivery of supplies to areas that are hard to reach due to conflict or natural disasters. This approach can circumvent obstacles and swiftly reach those in need.

However, airdropping food from airplanes also comes with disadvantages. The accuracy of the airdrop can pose challenges, as supplies may fall into unintended hands or land in hazardous areas. There’s also a risk of damage, which may lead to resource wastage. Moreover, airdropping food from airplanes provides only a short-term relief and isn’t a sustainable solution for ongoing crises.

In some instances, food airdropping can incite a stampede as a multitude of people rush to collect the food. Without coordination from organizations like the World Food Programme or the United Nations to manage the quantity and arrange people for fair distribution, food airdropping can potentially heighten risk. There have been reports that food airdropping has caused injuries and even deaths. Therefore, while food airdropping can be a means of assistance in substantial crises, it also has considerable drawbacks that need thoughtful consideration.


The video suggesting that China has been air-dropping food supplies to people in the Gaza Strip is misleading. A thorough inspection revealed that the footage of food distribution comes from various unrelated sources. Official reports from the Chinese government only mention offering assistance to Palestine through monetary contributions and rice donations. These were shipped to Egyptian ports, with no indications of food being dropped from aircraft as part of the aid.


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Title:The Video Alleges China Air-Dropped Food To Palestinians Is Misleading

Fact Check By: Cielito Wang 

Result: Misleading

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