Unrelated Videos and Images Being Spread about the Israel-Palestinian War

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is once again dominating international headlines. As with previous flare-ups in violence, social media has been flooded with viral content related to the conflict, a considerable number of which is misleading or false.

This is a complex and nuanced conflict with a long and troubled history. It is important to be critical of any information you see online and to verify it from multiple sources before sharing it.

Below is some of the misleading content we fact-checked.


This social media post trying to say that the attached video depicts the burning houses of Gaza due to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

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Fact 1

From the Invid-We Verify tool, we discovered some incidents in Algeria in 2020, and this video related to supporters of an Algerian Soccer club celebrating their title win posted in 2020. From below can watch the real incident of this. The videos related to the same incident can be watched here also


A video depicting a Hamas speaker thanking Iran for supplying arms being spread stating, that it`s something related to the current war situation and he said this recently.

Breaking News Israel: Spokesperson of Izzuddin Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obaidah:

“We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran who provided us with weapons, money, and other equipment! He gave us missiles to destroy Zionist fortresses, and helped us with standard anti-tank missiles!”

#Iran providing weaponry to their proxies enabling attacks on Israel

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From the Invid-We Verify Tool, we found out that this is not in any way breaking news and is related to a speech by a Hamas leader in 2014. The original video can be watched below.


Social media posts being spread based on a video that depicts Hamas firing a Salvo towards Israel.

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From Invid- We Verify tool, we were able to find out that the incident is actually related to an incident in Northern Syria, 2020.

The original video can be watched below. 


A video of a protest march is being spread on social media stating it depicts a pro-Palestinian protest in Chicago now.

Facebook | Archived 


The video is not depicting a current situation of Chicago.This is some incident happened in 2020, a pro-Palestinian protest in Chicago.A same video uploaded to social media in 2020 can be watched below.


Claims being spread based on a video stating it depict Turkey`s President warning to US not to involve into Israel Palestinian War and they will protect Palestinian in this moment anyway.

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From using Invid-We Verify tool, we were able to find out that the video was an old one, recorded in previous July and not connected with current Israel Palestinian situation. He also not warning to United States and we were able to find out that video was digitally altered and wrong sub titles added.

The original video can be watched below.

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Title:Unrelated videos and images being shared as current situation of Israel Palestinian conflict

Written By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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