2019 Video from Russia Falsely Viral As Plane Crashes In China & India

False International

A plane Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 carrying more than a hundred passengers crashed in Guangxi province in southern China on 21 March.  Soon after the news of the crash went viral, a clip of a plane bursting into flames surfaced on social media claiming to be of the plane crash in China. 

Again in August 2022 the same video started making rounds claiming to be scenes of an airplane crash in India.

However, Fact Crescendo found that it is an old video of 2019 from Russia.


The caption along with the viral video reads: This is so saddening. Our prayers are with the families [on] the Chinese plane crash in Guanxi. The world doesn’t need any more sad news at this moment.”  

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Reverse image search on the key-frames of the clip led us to various news articles about this video reporting it to be from Russia. 

A similar video was shared on the YouTube Channel of DW News on 6 May 2019. According to it, a passenger plane had crashed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in 2019. Russian authorities had said that 41 people died in the crash. 

The news of the crash was covered by global media outlets. Various video of the accident was published by The Guardian, CNBC Television, ABP News, India TV, and others.

The Russian plane made an emergency landing and burst into flames just after takeoff from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, BBC reports. 

A passenger also recorded the plane catching on fire from inside the plane. Another footage shows passengers using emergency exit slides to escape the burning Aeroflot aircraft. You can read more about the accident here

What Did Happen in China?

CNN and BBC reported that a Chinese passenger plane crashed in a forested hillside in southern China. The China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou when it crashed in Guangxi province and caught fire.

The number of casualties and reason for the crash are not yet known. Rescuers have seen no signs of survivors, states the report. Rescue team are finding it difficult to reach the crash site because of difficult terrain. 


Hence, an old and unrelated video is being falsely passed off as of place crash that took place in China & later on as India. The viral clip is from Russia where a passenger plane made an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in 2019.


Title:2019 Video from Russia Falsely Viral As Recent Plane Crash In China

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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