This clip of students watching the hardship of their parents is edited!

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A Facebook page posted this video with a caption, “In Japan, children are being shown videos of their parents so that they don’t waste their parents’ money in school and study hard, we should also do it like this”

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The video depicts various footage of students in the classroom; some were crying, with the footage of hardworking adults, making it looks like the students were made to watch the clips of the hardworking parents.

The team has looked into the claimed video and found it was edited. And the students in the clip weren’t watching the videos of their parents’ or adults’ hardships. And they are Chinese students, not Japanese.


If you look at the video carefully, you will notice that some part of the video was altered from another source, from the mirrored alphabets in the clip.

And we found that it was from a Tiktok account.

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After we found this, we checked the content within the video by using the Reverse Image Search feature to trace the origin of each footage in this video. And we found that each footage came from different sources. And none of these footages connect with watching the adults’ hardship.

The first footage was from the article about the girl crying when writing a card to her mother on Mother’s day. The source said she was crying because she hadn’t seen her mother for a long time and couldn’t give her that card in person.

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Next, the footage of students watching the video in the classroom actually was from the picture of a classroom in Lanyuegu School (蓝月谷学校), Nanya Ning Township (南雅宁), Hunan Province, Republic of China.

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And the following footage at the end of the claimed video is from the news of the students crying after hearing that their teacher passed away from the accident. The video was taken in Liupanshui Township, Guizhou Province. (Watch the original clip here)

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The video claiming the Japanese students watch their parents’ hardship in class was edited. According to the sources we found, the students in the clip are Chinese, not Japanese. And the original videos and pictures do not connect with watching the parents/adults’ hardship.


Title:A clip of students watching the hardship of their parents is edited

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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