Did Rapper DMX receive COVID-19 vaccine days before his deadly heart attack? Here are the facts…

International Misleading

American rapper, songwriter and actor Rapper Earl Simmons, popularly known by his stage name DMX,  died two weeks ago at the age of 50 following a heart attack. Social media was flooded with tribute messages for the legendary rapper.

Also there were a number of posts claiming that DMX received Covid-19 vaccine days before heart attack. Our Factcrescendo team did a fact check about the claim and found out that it is yet another hoax.

Social Media Posts:

A Facebook User shared a picture of DMX with the caption “DMX Received Covid Vaccine Days before Heart Attack Family Says No Drugs! (EXCLUSIVE)!!!” This was published on 09th of April 2021 (09.04.2021).

Facebook Link | Archived Link

Many Facebook profiles and pages shared this claim with similar narratives. 

Fact Check 

We checked the mtonews.com website, because a screenshot of their website was being shared by most of the profiles to claim DMX received vaccine a week before his unfortunate demise. The news was titled “DMX Received Covid Vaccine Days before Heart Attack – Family Says NO Drugs! This news article was published on April 8th, 2021. 

However, we noticed that there was an update to the original story on 15th of April and in that they had mentioned that the lawyer representing DMX had told USA TODAY that DMX did not receive the Covid vaccine a week before his heart attack. Lawyer also stated that he “wasn’t sure if DMX received the vaccine before that period”

The updated news article is shown below.

mtonews.com | Archived Link

Earlier, the attorney of DMX, Murray Richman had confirmed to ABC New York station WABC that the rap star was  in “grave condition,” and was hospitalized in White Plains, New York on 3rd April and was on life support. Statement from the DMX family also confirmed this and they never mentioned anything about DMX being administered COVID vaccine a week before his death.

This news has been shared by a few media organizations in USA (shown below) stating that there is “NO EVIDENCE DMX’S HEARY ATTACK WAS CAUSED BY COVID19 VACCINE”

According to News 12 , the officials at White Plains Hospital made no mention of a COVID-19 vaccine in their statement either, while announcing that DMX died “after suffering a catastrophic cardiac arrest”

news12.com | Archived link

According to Statesman, there have been several instances of false stories published on the MTO website and they have been rated multiple times by Independent fact checkers. 


From our investigation, we can confirm that there is no evidence to suggest that DMX received a COVID-19 vaccine, a week before his heart attack. DMX’s attorney Murray Richman confirmed that did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine a week before his cardiac arrest. 

DMX’s family statement also does not mention anything about a COVID19 vaccine being administered to the famous rapper, who was on life support during his last week.


Title:Did Rapper DMX receive COVID-19 vaccine days before his deadly heart attack? Here are the facts…

Fact Check By: Nelson Mani 

Result: Misleading

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