Beware of These Fake Korean Language exam applications on Google Forms!

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For years, there has been a strong interest among Sri Lankans in seeking employment opportunities in Korea. However, one of the essential requirements for securing a job in Korea is passing the Korean language exam. 

Unfortunately, there have been instances where fake applications, misleading Google forms, and incorrect details circulated on social media platforms, causing confusion and potential harm to those aspiring to work in Korea.

Social Media Posts

An application claiming to be related to the Korean language exam for 2024 is currently shared on social media platforms.

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The application purports to be from the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and is linked to HRDK, Sri Lanka. It requests information for a pre-survey, where details are requested to be filled into a Google form, which immediately draws a red flag.

Fact Check 

The Bureau of Foreign Employment in Sri Lanka confirmed that the application purported application is fake and not associated with the Korean language exam and not to be fooled by any such attempts which had not been published on the official website. 

We noticed they published a public notice on their official FB page also.


The Korean HRDK institute (Human Resources Development Service of Korea) also confirmed that the application getting shared on social media in the form of a Google form was fraudulent and had been falsely attributed to HRDK.


Candidates interested in the 2024 Korean Exam should refer to the instructions published on the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment website.

The official application form for the exam will be available only on from February 26 to 29. For more information, candidates can contact 1989.

It’s crucial for individuals to identify such fraudulent attempts and refrain from providing any personal information through these fake application forms.

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Title:Beware of Fake Korean Language Exam Application Google Form!

Written By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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