Saudi National Team player and head coach denies the Rolls-Royce Rumour, after Victory over Argentina!

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In a victory termed one of the greatest upsets in FIFA World Cup history, the Saudi Arabian football team managed to overcome a strong Argentinian team led by the iconic football star, Lionel Messi, to script a 2-1 victory over the 3rd ranked South American football powerhouse. 

Celebrating this unexpected victory, the following day, 23rd November, was declared a national holiday in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, many rumours went viral following this historic victory, some even claiming that the Saudi government and Saudi King Mohammad Bin Sulthan(MBS) had decided to give Rolls-Royce cars to each player involved in the famous victory. However, the FactCrescendo team discovered these claims to be false and merely fabricated. 

Let’s look at the claims first.

Social Media Posts

Viral social media posts alleged that Saudi football players would receive Rolls Royce cars from the Saudi government as rewards for their victory against the fancied Argentina team in the ongoing FIFA world cup, as seen below.

“Saudi Arabia players who defeated Argentina yesterday at the FIFA World Cup will each be getting a Rolls-Royce car as gifts from the government.” 

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Users commented on it like below.

These posts were viral on Facebook.

Fact Check

From a Google search using keywords, we found a news article published on the famous Arab news website “Arab News”, shedding light on the Rolls Royce rumour. “Arab News” says the social media claims are false, quoting the statement expressed by a Saudi player during a media conference. 

Saudi footballer Saleh Alshehri & Head Coach Refute the Rolls-Royce claims.

Saudi footballer, Saleh Alshehri, emphasizes that the rumours are false and that serving his country is the only reward he needs. The Arab News article can be read here. Archived.

The views expressed by Saleh Alshehri can be seen below.

Saudi Arabia Coach Hervé Renard also turned down the rumours of luxury cars gifted by the royal family, stating that “There is nothing true about this,” and added that “We have a very serious federation and ministry of sport and it is not the time to get something at this moment. We only have played one game, have two very important [group stage] games and we are hoping for some more.”  

However, after losing the next match to Poland, a victory against Mexico in their last group game would ensure Saudi’s qualification to the last 16 stages. Although depending on other results, there are other ways Saudi Arabia could qualify with a draw. More on that here

Saudi Arabia is known for rewarding its footballers who have excelled. In their World Cup debut in 1994, striker Saeed Al-Owairan scored a superb goal against Belgium with an almost 70-yard run. It was reported that Al-Owairan was to get a Rolls-Royce once he returned home. Details about it can be read here. Archived.

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According to our investigation, it’s clear that the viral rumour of Saudi players receiving Rolls Royce cars as rewards from the Saudi government for their victory against Argentina at the FIFA world cup is false and unfounded. Saudi footballer Saleh Alshehri and head coach Hervé Renard deny these claims.


Title:Saudi King or Government Has NOT Decided to Reward players with Rolls Royce Cars, after Victory over Argentina!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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