Hoax Alert: ‘Seismic Waves Card’ Viral Message on WhatsApp Cannot Hack Your Phones

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WhatsApp has become a popular platform for sharing information and connecting with others. However, it is important to be cautious when receiving and forwarding messages, as misinformation can easily spread.

Recently, there has been a forwarding message circulating on WhatsApp, warning users about a supposed cyber attack. This message claims that opening a file named “Seismic Waves CARD” will result in the hacking of your phone within 10 seconds.

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Many WhatsApp users recently received forwarding message stating:

“Pictures are going to be uploaded of the fighting in Jewish settlements, on WhatsApp. The file is called Seismic Waves CARD. Do not open it, it will hack your phone in 10 seconds and cannot be stopped in any way. Pass the information on to family and friends. They talked about it on TV. A cyber attack on us from all kinds of directions is also starting.”


And we also found this message spreading on other social media platforms.

Source | Archive

Source | Archive


During our investigation, we initiated our search by using specific keywords to delve deeper into the matter. As we delved into the research, we stumbled upon a comprehensive report by Snopes. According to the report, WhatsApp had explicitly commented on the message mentioned earlier, categorically labeling it as “false”. This authoritative statement from WhatsApp serves as a significant piece of evidence in debunking the circulating misinformation.

According to Snopes, it was evident that the message had been translated from another language.

Source | Archive

Even though it is highly recommended not to open any suspicious files or links received via WhatsApp (and other online platforms), many credible sources, such as NBC News, Yahoo News, and The Independent, have confirmed that the viral message is a hoax.

Tech ARP explains that photos can be shared directly on WhatsApp without the need for any specific file or app. There is no requirement to open any file or install any additional software to view photos shared on the messaging platform. It is as simple as clicking to view the photos shared by others. While it is true that image-based malware is possible, the article emphasizes that it requires user action for the malware to be activated. It is not something that can execute automatically or hack your phone on its own. Additionally, the malicious code within an image would execute immediately once triggered, rather than waiting for a specific timeframe like the claimed 10 seconds in the hoax message. The article also addresses the existence of a supposed browser hijacker called Seismic Waves Card. It clarifies that there is no evidence to prove its existence and suggests that the article itself may be generic or possibly AI-generated.


The forwarding message circulating on WhatsApp, which claims that pictures of fighting in Jewish settlements uploaded via a file called “Seismic Waves Card” can hack phones, is FALSE. There is no credible evidence or verified reports of such a cyber attack or the existence of a file with harmful content. WhatsApp, along with reputable news sources, has debunked this misinformation.

In any case, it is highly recommended that users exercise caution and refrain from downloading any unknown links or files that they may come across while browsing the internet.

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Title:Hoax Alert: ‘Seismic Waves Card’ Viral Message on WhatsApp Cannot Hack Your Phones

Written By: Cielito Wang 

Result: False

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