Three-Year-Old Girl Trying To Breastfeed Her Crying Sister Is NOT a Footage After The Turkey Earthquake!

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Videos and photos of the operations to rescue people after the Turkey-Syria earthquake shook the world, with highly sensitive scenes getting viral on social media. Meanwhile, a heart-touching video that caught the attention of the Sri Lankans and the international community claimed to be a scene of a little girl who lost her parents trying to breastfeed her orphaned sister. Let’s look at the video first.

Social Media Claims :

The video shows a three-year-old girl lifting her top and trying to breastfeed her crying sister/brother, who appears to be only a few months old. The video footage indicates that there were children who had lost their parents in the Turkish earthquake, as seen below.


This video was widely circulated on Facebook in the Sinhala language as well.

Through Tiktok, we saw how many people were sensitized due to this video.

On investigation, we found that the video had nothing to do with the Turkish earthquake, although the footage was heart-wrenching.

Fact Check :

We did a reverse image search on some of the keyframes from the viral video and found that the same video was uploaded to the TikTok platform on November 26, 2022. This content seen below has gone viral with over 15 million views.

However, a further description of the video is available. #children laughing humor is the only caption accompanying the Tiktok video. 

The TikTok account anelya has also posted many other videos of the same girl. Yet the content is not available publicly now, and below is a screenshot we captured on February 27.

The video circulating since November 2022 has nothing to do with the Turkish earthquake of February 2023. It can be speculated that the child seen in this video imitating her mother was released on social media as a humorous occasion by an elder in her family.

Here, you can read our fact-finding reports in Sinhala, Malayalam, and Gujarati.


The purported video of a three-year-old girl trying to breastfeed her younger sister has nothing to do with the February 2023 earthquakes in Turkey. This video has been circulating since November 2022.


Title:Three-Year-Old Girl Tries To Breastfeed Her Crying Sister – The Footage Is Not From The Turkey Earthquake (Video)

Fact Check By: Pavithra Sandamali 

Result: False