FACT CHECK: Is this viral photo-shoot from Sri Lanka?

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Scenes of group of performers dressed in costumes made using vegetables went viral among social media users in Sri Lanka from past few days. While most of these images were used to create posts in a more satirical manner, we noticed one particular post, which claimed that the scenes were from a Sri Lankan photo-shoot. 

However, Factcrescendo Sri Lanka’s investigation revealed that these photos were from a different kind of photo-shoot from Kerala recently

Social Media Posts:

A Facebook page called “Singithi Athal – සිඟිති ආතල්” shared a photo collection titled “Srilankan New Shoot” which looked like part of a play or a photo-shoot, in which the performers were dressed in outfits made using vegetables as seen below.

FacebookArchived Link

This post had been shared over 500 times and we noticed comments such as the one shown below in which a user questioned the authenticity of the claim.

The text “SHIVA PRASAD Photography” appeared in all of the photos and some users condemned the Facebook page admin for misleading readers by posting false information.

Fact Check

We did a reverse image search of the images and came across number of instances where above set of images had appeared. Among these search results, we found a Facebook post by an artist called Induja Prakash, who is incidentally one of the four models featured in the photo-shoot as well.

Facebook | Archived

Induja Prakash along with Gowri Siji Mathews had created the concept behind this photo-shoot, which was themed as “Rhythm of love”. She had also mentioned Photography by Shivaprasad. Adarsh K Mohandas is one of the male models who featured in this photo-shoot, all of whom were from Kerala, India

Below is the making video of “Rhythm of love” concept published on 18th of November

Number of media reports in Kerala had published the story about this themed photoshoot using costumes made out of vegetables. Below are some of such reports (English auto-translation version of original Malayalam article) which describe that throughout the photo-shoot, tenderness of love is portrayed.

Zee News – MalayalamArchived
MixiIndia – MalayalamArchived


From our investigation, it is clear that the viral photo-shoot is not of Sri Lankan origin. The original photo-shoot was part of a novel concept titled “Rhythm of Love” performed by a set of Indian artists from Kerala recently

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Title:FACT CHECK: Is this viral photo-shoot from Sri Lanka? ?

Fact Check By: Sathyajith Subasinghe 

Result: False

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