Viral Video Depicting Miraculous Lightning Incident at Parevi Duwa Temple, Matara Is Altered

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In Sri Lanka, a nation with a significant population of devout Buddhists, videos depicting purported miraculous events linked to sacred sites are heavily circulated on social media platforms with many interactions. However, there are many instances where such viral contents get manipulated with the intent to deceive and mislead the faithful followers, exploiting their religious sentiments. 

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A video circulating on social media purports to show a miraculous incident at the Parevi Duwa temple in Matara, Sri Lanka. The video depicts what appears to be lightning rays emanating to and from the top of the temple’s Pagoda. Additionally, the audio accompanying the video consists of devotees chanting Buddhist slogans, further reinforcing the notion of a miraculous event.

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We noticed the same clip had been going viral for around a year, as seen in this TikTok video from April 2023. However, this video did not have background audio like the purported claim.

Upon closer examination and fact-checking, several other inconsistencies have come to light:

Audio Mismatch: We identified that the audio track belongs to a separate video depicting worshippers at the Somawathi Pagoda in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. This audio from the Somawathi Temple incident, which dates back over a decade, has been overlaid onto the Parevi Duwa video to create a false impression of divine intervention.

Edited Visuals: Analysis of the video footage reveals evidence of editing. The colours in the video appear to have been altered, indicating potential manipulation. Even the background colours of the sky and other details raise doubts about the authenticity of the purported lightning incident depicted in the video.

Lack of Verifiable Evidence: While lightning strikes can indeed occur, the veracity of the lightning incident in the video cannot be independently verified. Without corroborating evidence or eyewitness testimonies, it is challenging to ascertain the authenticity of the event portrayed in the video.

Comparisons can be made to this famous photograph taken in 2022 by photographer Thilina Kaluthotage, depicting lightning striking the Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka. 

However, it’s important to note that the occurrence of lightning strikes at prominent structures does not automatically validate the legitimacy of similar incidents portrayed in other videos. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits.

Parawi Duwa Temple in Matara attracts many visitors, both locals and foreigners. It is located in a beautiful setting on a small island linked by a bridge. A video about it can be watched below.

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In conclusion, the viral video purportedly showing a miraculous lightning incident at Parevi Duwa temple in Matara, Sri Lanka, is altered in a misleading manner. The audio track from an incident from Somawathi Temple over a decade ago has been added to the Parevi Duwa video to create a false impression of divine intervention.

Such misleading content not only undermines the integrity of sacred places but also risks sowing confusion and discord among the community. It’s crucial for individuals to exercise critical thinking and discernment when encountering such content online to avoid falling prey to misinformation and manipulation.


Title:Viral Video Depicting Miraculous Lightning Incident at Parevi Duwa Temple, Matara Is Altered

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Altered

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