This Image of “Turtle Rock” in Malta Is Digitally Altered

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In the age of social media, the sharing of breathtaking images showcasing the natural beauty of various locations around the world has become widespread. However, some photos are digitally manipulated and do not accurately represent reality.

We are delving into the deceptive nature of such posts, aiming to uncover instances where misleading visuals are being shared, ultimately contributing to a distorted perception of the world’s natural wonders.

Social Media Posts 

An image shared on social media shows a rock formation resembling a turtle in Malta, nicknamed “Turtle Rock”.

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Users commented on it like below.

Many Facebook users shared the same image, assuming the scenery to be authentic.

We decided to do a fact-check on this. 


Source of the Image: The image circulating on social media is claimed to be of “Turtle Rock” in Malta. However, a reverse image search revealed that the original image was taken by photographer JI Zhu and uploaded onto the Unsplash photo library. This source does not support the claim of it being “Turtle Rock.” The original photo can be viewed here

Digital Manipulation: Examination of the image reveals clear signs of digital manipulation. The eye, mouth, and neck parts of the purported ‘turtle rock’ are visibly edited, along with other minor details, as seen in the image comparison below.

Real Location: The actual location of the photo is identified as the Blue Grotto in Malta. Blue Grotto comprises a series of sea caverns on the southeast coast of Malta. It’s located near the fishing harbour limits of Wied iż-Żurrieq. Here is an image from a tourist uploaded on Google from a viewpoint overlooking the Blue Grotto, which confirms the location. More details about Blue Grotto can be read here

Malta’s Blue Grotto is regarded as one of the most iconic features of Malta’s majestic coastline. Famous for its sweeping limestone arch and radiant, turquoise waters, this fantastic natural wonder should not be missed on anybody’s Malta itinerary.

A Video about the place can be watched below. 

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In conclusion, the image circulating on social media, claiming to be “Turtle Rock” in Malta, is not authentic. The viral image is digitally altered. The original photo is of Blue Grotto, one of the most iconic features of Malta’s majestic coastline.


Title:This Image of “Turtle Rock” in Malta Is Digitally Altered

Written By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Altered

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