General Daya Ratnayake remains with SJB; Has NOT switched to the Mawbima Janata Party!

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With the prospect of upcoming elections, the widespread dissemination of false information is evident across social media platforms and within political circles and campaigns. Below is an investigation we conducted on a viral post about General Daya Rathnayake.

Social Media Posts :

Social media posts suggest that General Daya Rathnayake came to Mawbima Janata Party (MJP) headquarters yesterday morning (01) and had a discussion with its leader, Mr Dilith Jayaweera, to join his party MJP. Photos of Daya Rathnayake warmly embracing Dilith Jayaweera were also shared alongside the claims.

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Several websites also covered this information in a similar manner. You can read here Archived Link.

In response to numerous inquiries regarding the veracity of this information, we took measures to verify the facts.

Fact Check:

Former Army Commander General Daya Ratnayake met opposition leader Sajith Premadasa on January 29th and joined the Samagi Jana Balavegaya(SJB). We noticed that initial reports which suggested that Daya Rathnayake had left SJB to join the Mawbima Janata Party (MJP) were shared on February 01st by some of the mainstream media.

Aruna newspaper website reported this news first, whereas the other major media sources did not report such a news item. Archived Link

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Mawbima Janatha Party (MJP) 

In light of this, we contacted Mr Kasun Chanaka Ganewatta, the Mawbima Janata Party (MJP) Media Coordinator, for clarification. He emphatically refuted the claim, asserting that the news of General Daya Ratnayake’s purported arrival at the MJP headquarters yesterday is false.

Mr Ganewatta clarified that General Daya Ratnayake had not joined the Mawbima Janata Party either. Additionally, he explained that a photograph from a previous occasion had been misconstrued and circulated with a different interpretation on social media.

General (Retired) Daya Ratnayake

We sought clarification from General Daya Ratnayake, and he categorically denied the information circulating in social media posts, stating that he neither joined the Mawbima Janata Party nor visited the party’s headquarters on February 01st.

He clarified that he shares a friendship with Dilith Jayaweera. While there are numerous photos of them together, the images presented in the social media post were taken several months ago by Jayaweera’s team during a visit to congratulate Dilith Jayaweera on opening his party (MJP) headquarters. He emphasized that the false information circulating incorrectly claimed these photos were from yesterday’s meeting. He was in Kuruwita on February 01st to attend a foundation stone laying ceremony for a friend’s business.

Furthermore, Mr Daya Ratnayake stressed that it’s concerning to notice that even individuals aiming to foster a new political culture are employing outdated strategies. A voice interview of Daya Rathnayake related to this incident can be heard here.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB)

In a press release, Mr Sujeewa Senasinghe, the Head of Presidential Election Operations for Samagi Jana Balawega, refutes the circulating information, claiming that former Army Chief Daya Ratnayake has joined the Mawbima Janata Party, labelling it as untrue. He further highlights the possibility of such false propaganda arising in the future as various parties unite to strengthen the SJB. The official announcement is provided below.


However, SJB chairman Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka criticized the decision to accept General Daya Ratnayake to Samagi Jana Balawega. Videos published in this regard can be watched here and here.

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Title:General Daya Ratnayake remains with SJB and has not switched allegiance to the Mawbima Janata Party!

Written By: Pavithra Sandamali 

Result: False

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