Did Sajith suggest a bigger solution beyond the Eelam?

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A video was seen circulating heavily in social media that Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R.Sambanthan says that President Candidate Sajith Premadasa suggest a bigger solution beyond Eelam.

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Gangster Rathne ගැන්ස්ටර් රත්නේ” Facebook Page shared a post that mentioned “තිස්දහසක් ජිවිත පුදා රැකගත් දේශය අනතුරේ…ඊළමට එහා ගිය විසදුමක් සජිත්ගෙන් ” which translated to “Sajith suggests a solution beyond Eelam.. The land that was sacrificed lives of 30,000 people is in danger”

Fact Check  

While inspecting the published video we noticed that video was edited using parts from a video and had Sinhala caption throughout the video at the top which meant “Sajith suggests a solution beyond Eelam”

However in this video TNA leader had actually mentioned that, when he met Sajith even before being announced as NDF presidential candidate, R.Sambanthan had stated that Sajith Premadasa’s father, Ranasinghe Premadasa told to Sambanthan that he can’t give Tamil Eelam but ask anything other than that.

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Yet throughout this video the caption “තිස්දහසක් ජිවිත පුදා රැකගත් දේශය අනතුරේ…ඊළමට එහා ගිය විසදුමක් සජිත්ගෙන්” meaning Sajith had suggested to offer a bigger solution beyond Eelam is totally misleading and false.

Below is the link to the full video discussion of TNA leader R Sampanthan

Lankasiri News 

In Tamil web portal Virakesari this news had been shared as below.

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From our investigation, it is clear that in the video regarding R.Sambanthan, he never mentioned that Sajith suggested to offer a solution beyond Eelam, and in fact gives reference to a discussion held with the father of Sajith Premadasa in which the former president had suggested for solution other than the Eelam.


Title:Did Sajith suggest a bigger solution beyond the Eelam?

Fact Check By: Nelson Mani 

Result: False

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