The Viral Dubai Runway Near-Collision Video Is Not A Real Incident

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A video showing two Qantas and Emirates planes flying dangerously close to each other has recently gone viral. It’s been widely shared across various platforms, with claims that the incident occurred at Dubai airport.

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An X (Twitter) user posted a video of an Emirates airline plane encroaching on the runway while a Qantas airline plane was landing. The video captioned, “A breathtaking moment when an Australian Qantas airline plane nearly collided with an Emirates airline plane at Dubai airport.”

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The post in question has amassed over 1.6 million views. Moreover, the same video has also been shared on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

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Source | Archive


We conducted a fact check using video and reverse image search features to locate the source of the video in question. Upon the investigation, we found that the footage was originated from a YouTube channel named “Aviation for Everyone”, which posted the video on July 23, 2023.

And in the “About” section of the channel, it is clearly stated that the videos in this account are created from various games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, GTA 5, and Xplane 11 and are created for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Moreover, our search for news regarding the near-collision of Emirates and Qantas airlines’ planes did not yield any results linked to the referenced video. Additionally, the video features an implausible moment where the wing of the Qantas aircraft appears to penetrate the Emirates aircraft’s fuselage. This detail further confirms the video does not depict a real event.


Upon conducting a thorough fact-checking process, we have determined that the viral video currently circulating on social media platforms, which seemingly depicts an event involving Emirates and Qantas planes, is not a depiction of an actual event. The footage originates from a flight simulation game, not from any real-life incident.

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Title:The Viral Dubai Runway Near-Collision Video Is Not A Real Incident

Written By: Cielito Wang 

Result: Misleading

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