Work of Art shared as real animal called ‘American Winged Goblin’!

International Misleading

People around the world are interested in fantasy creatures with supernatural characteristics. Many miniature artists also use this aspect to design such creatures and this is our investigation related with such a artwork going viral among social media users claiming to be a real animal

Social Media Posts

A photo claiming to be a real life creature is viral on Facebook with the below description.

“It’s an American winged goblin (Angelus mandragora luctus admonum parva américanum), extremely rare! It is not an insect; winged insects have 6 legs! Classified in an indefinable intermediate category because it is the second specimen discovered! The only known copy was in the possession of the Emperor of China and painted on a silk tapestry, and it was from the features of a girl! Here it seems to me that it is a small guy! The spooky species would possess certain powers, including that of dazzling healing and extraordinary intelligence according to the Chinese writings of the tapestry! By Denis Toccaceli!”

Facebook | Archived

While many users had questioned the possibility of such a living creature, some had shared these posts believing this to be a genuine post.

Fact Check

We did a Google Reverse image search and were able to find out that this image was in fact not a real creature, but the work of an artist.

The original image was posted by a Facebook page dedicated for artwork, named as Magic Within .

The viral photo was published below along with many with similar creations as seen below.


In that post the author stated following statement. 

“The real fairytale…. some of my pictures of the fairy folk are misunderstood. how do i work. I channel the energies of the fairy folk. and give them an expression in this 3rd dimension. to connect with us humans. they have a lot to tell us. and let us feel the magic and wonders that was natural one timeError! Filename not specified. Blessings to all”

Facebook | Archived 

Looking at the user comments and keywords searches we came across a Facebook page mentioning the artist of this creation as Jack Wingmaker Overwijn.

Here is another post on Pinterest mentioning Jack Wingmaker Overwijn as the artist. His Instagram account by the same name had also featured some of his creations, along with a link to the Magic Within Facebook page.

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According to our investigation, it’s clear that these viral posts do not depict real living creatures but are really artworks of Jack Wingmaker Overwijn who makes many such miniature creations based on fairy tales.


Title:This is NOT an Image of a real animal called ‘American Winged Goblin’!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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