‘Chuti Baba’ Educational Magazine Printed an ‘Ear’ in Place of an ‘Eye’? Find Out the Truth Behind The Viral Image…

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A photo was recently shared widely among social media users, claiming that an edition of Chuti Baba magazine, a monthly educational tabloid for preschoolers, had published a picture of an ‘ear’ where the description was, in fact, for an ‘eye.’ Let’s look at the claim in detail.

Social Media Posts:

The “Chuti Baba” magazine introduced the English letter ‘E’ with a picture of an ear that starts with the letter ‘E.’ However, underneath the image of the ear, the picture was not an ‘ear’ but the text ‘eye.’ 

Facebook | Archived link FB

This photo went viral on social media, with mixed reactions, and many condemning the ‘Chuti Baba’ magazine for this glaring error in a kids magazine.

We decided to verify whether this photo was real and the context behind this viral image.


Since this post started going viral on social media recently, we checked recent publication editions of “Chuti Baba” educational magazine. But we couldn’t find this image in any of them. So, we searched this through reverse image and found similar Facebook posts with this photo, dated back to March 2021. Here is one such post. Archived Link

However, unlike the recent posts regarding this issue, the post in 2021 did not have many shares on Facebook. Also, we observed that the photos in 2021 and 2024 are the same. 

For more information, we contacted Imashi Publications, the publisher of “Chuti Baba” educational magazine, through the Sales Manager of Imashi Publications Limited, Mr. Ravi Gamage.

Sales Manager of Imashi Publications –

Mr. Ravi Gamage said these photos are not from a recent edition of Chuti Baba magazine. This printing mistake occurred in the March 2021 edition. However, the publisher noted this mistake and immediately canceled the distribution of this March 2021 edition.

Therefore, according to the Sales Manager of Imashi Publications, this magazine was canceled and stopped being distributed. The publisher had collected the magazines with the wrong print from sales representatives in the country before they went to the readers. 

Mr. Ravi Gamage indicated that, according to their monthly sales records, almost all the magazines (approximately 99.7%) could be collected without being sold to customers.

Furthermore, the “Chuti Baba” 2021 April carried out a correction notice, informing the mistake, as a precaution to even a few copies being delivered to customers. 

Mr. Ravi Gamage also sent us the April 2021 “Chuti Baba” edition with the correction, as seen below.

Chuti Baba – April 2021 Edition

Sales representatives of Imashi Publications also said that they can remember this incident.

We contacted sales representatives in areas like Colombo, Kurunegala, Kandy, and Galle to confirm this. Many do not remember this incident because it happened a few years back, but two sales representatives (Colombo and Kandy) confirmed the above version of the incident. They said the publisher collected one edition of the “Chuti Baba” educational magazine from them before selling it to the readers due to a printing error in the magazine.

N.B., we do not approve of this error made by “Chuti Baba” educational magazine. Also, similar mistakes have happened in other kids’ educational magazines and mainstream newspapers from time to time. The authors need to be more attentive to the content of these magazines, especially for the educational purposes of preschoolers and small children. Proofreading should be done more carefully and accurately, with added responsibility for these types of magazines. With such a proper process, this mistake could be recognized earlier, even before it was printed.

While the posts highlighting this mistake have been getting reshared on social media circles for the last three years, from 2021 to 2024, upon inspection, we didn’t notice any other such glaring error from the magazine during this period.  

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Title:‘Chuti Baba’ Educational Magazine Printed an ‘Ear’ in Place of an ‘Eye’? Find Out the Truth Behind The Viral Image…

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