Suzuki Motors Denies Ceasing Operations in Thailand

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Recently, a claim has been circulating online, gaining significant attention. This claim suggests that Suzuki Motors, a well-known automotive corporation, is allegedly gearing up to cease all operations in Thailand. The aforementioned claim has not only gained momentum but has also been disseminated extensively across the Facebook platform, reaching a large number of users and sparking various discussions and reactions within the community.

Social Media Claims

Multiple Facebook users recently shared claims suggesting that Suzuki Motors plans to close all its operation in Thailand. This claim has been widely shared among Thai social media users.

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However, Suzuki has clarified that the above claim is not true.


On May 18th, 2024, Suzuki Motor Thailand issued an official statement on their Facebook page in response to a viral claim circulating on social media:

“There has been news circulating on social media regarding the operations of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The company would like to clarify that this news is not true. We affirm that Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. remains committed to conducting business in Thailand. We have a long-term plan to introduce new car models in 2025 and subsequent years, according to the business plan announced to Suzuki car dealers nationwide at the beginning of 2024. The company also plans to develop dealers to provide standard sales and after-sales services that will ensure maximum satisfaction for Thai customers in the future. We would like to thank everyone who trusts and has always been a Suzuki customer.”


Additionally, commented that, “Suzuki Motor Thailand will undoubtedly continue its operations. They recently announced a long-term business plan at a nationwide dealer meeting and plan to launch new car models from 2025 onwards.

Regarding the gradual closure of some Suzuki car dealerships, it should be noted that this is due to each dealership’s business performance. Factors may include financial issues, declining sales, or a shift towards selling Chinese electric cars. Even these Chinese electric car dealerships are beginning to face challenges. It all comes down to management, competition, and each dealership’s resource and financial management.” (Source)

Throughout the previous year, Suzuki Motor Thailand showed robustness and flexibility in a difficult market setting. Even with intense market rivalry and more stringent rules from financial institutions in 2023, Suzuki managed to sustain a pleasing level of sales growth. The total count of vehicles sold reached 12,151 units. (Source)

Suzuki Motor Corporation, a car manufacturer from Japan, established Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd on August 1, 2011. The company identified a demand in the Thai market for a variety of high-quality cars and initiated its manufacturing facility in the Pluak Daeng district of Rayong, marking the initiation of Suzuki’s operations in Thailand.

In addition to cars, Suzuki broadened its product line to encompass outboard motors at its subsidiary, Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., in 1999. At present, Suzuki is continuing to expand and diversify its operations in Thailand, playing a part in the country’s automotive industry.. (Source)


Based on the evidence available, it is clear that these claims are false. Suzuki Motor Thailand has firmly denied shutting down its operations and reiterated its commitment to the Thai market. Therefore, the rumors circulating on social media are misleading and should not be regarded as factual.


Title:Suzuki Motors Denies Ceasing Operations in Thailand

Fact Check By: Cielito Wang 

Result: False

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