The Yeti Air Hostess recorded this TikTok Video several months before the Pokhara Crash!


The recent deadly plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal, has been creating headlines in international media, and much content is also being shared on social media channels. Unfortunately, however, certain social media content is false and misleading. 

This is our investigation related to such viral social media posts, claiming to be scenes of an air hostess of Yeti Airline, Oshin Ale, moments before the deadly plane crash.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts based on a video imply that Oshin Ale seen in the selfie video was one of the four cabin crew members who lost their lives during the tragic crash. It is also claimed that this video was shot moments before the Pokhara crash.


This video went viral in many parts of the world, and we decided to investigate its origins.

Fact Check

We checked the TikTok account of Oshin Ale and found that the video was added to the TikTok platform on 11th September 2022, four months before the tragic Nepal crash on 15th January.

TikTok  | Archived

We also noticed that Oshin had posted several other selfie videos on her TikTok channel since then. This video, posted on 9th January, a week before the Pokhara tragedy, was the latest video we found on Oshin’s TikTok channel.

So, it`s clear that the viral video was recorded and posted four months before the deadly Nepal plane crash.

Who is Oshin Ale Magar

Oshin had been part of Yeti Airlines for two years. Hailing from Madi in Chitwan-India, she moved to Kathmandu after commencing her job. She had also invited her parents to stay with her in the capital city of Nepal for the last six months.

Oshin is the eldest daughter of the family and has two younger siblings. She completed her studies at Oxford College in Gaindakot and India and graduated as an air hostess from Sahara Air Hostess Academy in Kathmandu. Oshin married two years ago in Pokhara, and her husband is currently in the United Kingdom. More details about this can be read here. Archived

Mohan Ale Magar, the father of the deceased flight attendant, recalls that he had told her early in the morning not to go to work on the tragic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, as reported here, where she lost her life along with at least 68 others.

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The viral video was uploaded to TikTok by Oshin Ale Magar in September 2022, not a few moments before the deadly plane crash. However, Oshin was among the unfortunate victims who lost their lives due to the tragic Pokhara crash.


Title:This TikTok Video was Recorded by the Yeti Air hostess several months before the Pokhara Crash!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading