Is This Giant Strawberry Image Real or Fake? Find out the facts…

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Social media platforms are currently abuzz with images showcasing huge fruits and vegetables purportedly grown naturally. While these striking visuals may capture attention and spark curiosity, it’s important to discern between genuine natural marvels and digitally enhanced creations to avoid spreading misinformation.

Social Media Posts 

A recent image circulating on social media depicts a farmer holding an exceptionally large strawberry, sparking curiosity and debate about its authenticity. 

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Users commented on it like below.

We decided to do a fact-check on this.

Fact Check 

Upon conducting thorough research, including examining various sources, here are our findings:

Image Analysis:

Our team scrutinised the image for signs of digital manipulation, such as lighting, shadows, or pixelation inconsistencies. While the image appeared visually striking, we noticed several potential red flags that warranted closer examination. The fingers of the farmer seem blurred, which is a clear sign of digital manipulation.

Colour and Texture:

One aspect that raised suspicion was the strawberry fruit’s vibrant colour and glossy texture. While strawberries naturally vary in colour and shine, the intensity portrayed in the image seemed exaggerated. Additionally, the abrupt transition from red to yellow in the lower portion of the strawberry suggested possible tampering.

Perspective and Scale:

Another consideration was the possibility of forced perspective, a technique used to create optical illusions of size. By manipulating the distance between the subject and the camera, objects can appear larger or smaller than they actually are. In the case of the giant strawberry, the angle at which it was held seems not to have contributed to its perceived size.

AI check 

AI image detection tools like Hive confirm that the image is AI-generated. These tools utilise algorithms to analyse images and identify whether AI technologies were used to generate them.

Source Verification:

To ascertain the authenticity of the image, we traced its origins back to the original poster. Our investigation led us to an Instagram account (@naturecoqa) specialising in producing digitally altered images of oversized fruits. Upon further examination, it became evident that the account’s content was primarily aimed at garnering attention through sensationalised visuals rather than presenting factual representations and many other digitally produced images of oversized fruits.


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After careful analysis and verification, we can confirm that the image depicting the giant strawberry is not real. Our investigation uncovered its origins as a digitally manipulated creation intended for entertainment purposes rather than factual documentation.

While the image may capture the imagination with its larger-than-life portrayal, it falls short of representing a genuine occurrence in the realm of agricultural produce. As information consumers, it’s crucial to exercise critical thinking and skepticism when encountering sensationalised content on social media platforms.

In conclusion, the giant strawberry image reminds us of the prevalence of digital manipulation and the importance of fact-checking in an era when misinformation can quickly proliferate.


Title:Is This Giant Strawberry Image Real or Fake? Find out the facts…

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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