This is NOT a footage of DMX’s body leaving White Plains Hospital.. Find out the Truth..

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The untimely death of the famous American rapper – DMX, was mourned by thousands of his fans all over the world few weeks ago. Days after the death of the superstar, a video started circulating claiming to be the scenes of DMX’s body leaving the White Plains Hospital.

However, our Factcrescendo team’s investigation revealed that this was yet another hoax.

Social Media Posts:

A Facebook User called Honeyiyiola Anji shared below video with the caption “DMX body leaving White Plains Hospital…RIP” 3 days after the death of the superstar rapper  on the 12th of April 2021 (12.04.2021) .

Facebook Link | Archived Link

Many social media users this video with similar narrations and here is a YouTube Video which had been viewed over 34,000 times titled “DMX body leaving White Plains Hospital” 

Fact Check 

Factcrescendo Sri Lanka team carefully analyzed the video many times and noticed that the word Corona Cigar Co name board around the seventeenth second of the viral clip as seen below.

A search on the Google Maps for the word “Corona Cigar Co” revealed several places in Florida. Using advanced search we found a street view image which looks like the exact location where the video was captured.

Google Map

Below is the comparison of the key street signs seen in the viral video and the image from Google Maps

Next we checked the location of the White Plains Hospital, where DMX was hospitalized at the time of his death, and found that the hospital is located in White Plains, New York, over 1000 miles from the scene of the video

Further investigation revealed a news item published in the Fox 5 New York. According to that the Hundreds of fans gathered outside White Plains Hospital to hold a vigil for their beloved rapper who was on life support at that time. The vigil turned into a rally, in support for the ailing rapper and this had happened on April 5, 2021. | Archived Link

We also found the below YouTube video in which a group of fans had gathered in Orlando to pay tribute to DMX playing his songs. The scenes from this tribute video were quite similar to the scenes from the viral video captioned “DMX body leaving White Plains Hospital”

We did a location compare with the Google Maps from the same location and were able to confirm it’s the same location and these were scene of DMX fans paying their tribute to the rap star and the video had been captured a YouTube vlogger. The video had been uploaded on 11th April days after the death of DMX.

Actual funeral procession for superstar rapper DMX happened on 24th April as seen here.

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From our investigation, we can confirm that the video claiming to show DMX’s body leaving White Plains Hospital in New York is false. 

Scene taken during a tribute to rapper DMX in Florida had been shared with a false narration to indicate that it was the scene of DMX dead body leaving the White Plains Hospital in New York.


Title:This is NOT a footage of DMX’s body leaving White Plains Hospital..

Fact Check By: Nelson Mani 

Result: False

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