The person in the viral image with Virat Kohli is Ashish Nehra, a Cricket coach, and former cricketer

False Social

Rishi Sunak became the first Indian-origin politician to lead the United Kingdom after Penny Mordaunt pulled out of the Conservative Party leadership race. He was elected as the first British Asian Prime Minister in over 200 years, as well as the youngest. Sunak’s both parents are of Indian descent. His parents migrated from East Africa to the UK in the 1960s. When it was announced that he was the next PM to be sworn in Virat Kholi has received worldwide acclaim for his outstanding performance in a run chase during an India vs. Pakistan T20 match. Kohli delivered a career-best innings to lead India to a four-wicket victory. In this scenario, a picture has been shared on social media claiming to be an old photo of Rishi Sunak with Virat Kohli.

The same image is also being shared on Twitter.

Fact Check

Our investigation began with a reverse image search, which led us to a 2017 tweet by NDTV with the caption “Ashish Nehra and Virat Kohli’s old pic makes Twitter nostalgic.” 

Ashish Nehra is a Cricket coach and former cricketer who played in all formats of the game. Nehra announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in late 2017. According to the NDTV report dated 2 November 2017, “the 38-year-old bowler played his last International match yesterday in Delhi. The pacer received a wonderful farewell from his teammates as well as cricket lovers all over. As social media buzzed with farewell messages for Nehra, an old picture made an expected and welcome reappearance on timelines. The picture, which will tug on any cricket lover’s heartstrings, shows the bowler with none other than Virat Kohli long before he became Team India captain… or even began playing International cricket.
The picture being shared by many on Twitter shows Nehra handing an award to a very young Kohli. Many on Twitter have been sharing the picture along with current photos from the farewell.”

Several media outlets shared the same image. That can be seen here and here

We discovered an interview Nehra gave to the Mint while searching further. Nehra stated in a 2016 interview that the photo was taken after the 2003 World Cup when Raj Kumar Sharma (Virat Kohli’s coach) invited him to the academy.

Taking into account all of the evidence, we can clearly see that the man in the picture is not British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, but a former coach and cricketer named Ashish Nehra.


We can conclude that the person in the viral image with Virat Kohli is not British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak but Ashish Nehra, a Cricket coach, and former cricketer. Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral image to be False.


Title:This image does not show UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with Virat Kohli

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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