Aftermath of 2020 Beirut blasts shared as scenes of devastation in Ukraine!

False International

As Russia continues its invasion into Ukraine for the second week, capturing Ukraine’s second largest city, scenes of bombardments and devastation are being reported more frequently.  

Misinformation related to destruction sites from Ukraine are also on the rise and our investigation revealed that one such video revealed that those were actually footage attributed to Beirut blasts from August 2020. Let’s have a look at the claim.

Social Media Posts

A Facebook user shared a video titled “Omg pray for Ukraine” indicating that the horrifying scenes were attributed to the damage caused by Russian attacks on Ukraine.

Facebook | Archived

This short clip of over 1 minute, depicting scenes of damaged buildings and siren sounds in the background, had been shared over 227K times, at the time of writing.

Fact Check

We did a reverse image search on a few of the video frames from the vital video and were able to identify that the original clip was linked to Beirut blasts in 2020.

KHOU 11 News reported the horrifying scenes of destruction on their official YouTube channel as seen below.

Here’s the aftermath in Beirut after the deadly explosion in the Lebanese capital. Dozens were killed and thousands were injured. Part of the city looks like it’s completely destroyed. Video credit: Rashad Achka


Here is another video from August 20202 titled Here the amount of destructions that left behind at Beirut Port showing the same scenes from the viral clip.

More on the Beirut blast in 2020 and its devastation was covered in one of our earlier fact checks which was also linked to Ukraine, as seen below.

2020 Beirut blast footage shared as scene from Russia-Ukraine War

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According to our investigation, we were able to verify that the viral social media video, doesn’t have any relationship with the current Ukraine situation and it depicts the aftermath of the blasts which occurred at Beirut Port, Lebanon in August 2020.

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Title:Aftermath of 2020 Beirut blasts shared as scenes of devastation in Ukraine!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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