Unsubstantiated Claims of Foreign-Backed Plot to Create Chaos in Sri Lanka and Postpone Elections!

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The upcoming presidential election in Sri Lanka, mandated by the constitution to be held at the end of this year, has been subject to unsubstantiated claims on social media suggesting potential conspiracies to postpone the elections. Despite lacking credible evidence, these posts have sparked concerns among the public. 

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are circulating, alleging that under the guidance of a foreign intelligence unit, the ruling leaders of Sri Lanka are planning to create a terror condition in the country to make it unsuitable for holding elections. The posts further claim that a plan is in motion to carry out violence against youths by kidnapping and eventually killing them, which would lead to clashes between the police and the general public.

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Fact Check:

Verification of Claims in Reliable News Media:

We conducted a thorough search of both local and international news media to verify the claims made in the social media posts. Our investigation found no credible reports or articles supporting the alleged plot. No reputable news outlets have reported on such a threat.

Only recent reports related to the heightened security situation in Sri Lanka were related to the run-up to Sri Lanka’s Feb. 4 Independence Day celebrations and demonstration alerts

Statement from the Ministry of Defence:

We contacted the Ministry of Defence to inquire about the validity of the claims. The ministry’s spokesperson explicitly stated that they have not received any such reports, and they consider the social media posts to be false. According to the heads of intelligence and related units, there is no credible threat to Sri Lanka at present.

Lack of Independent Verification and Evidence:

As fact-checkers, we emphasise that the absence of evidence does not confirm the absence of a threat. However, given the lack of substantiating information from any verified sources, it is crucial to approach these social media claims with skepticism. The posts lack context and verifiable evidence to support the serious allegations.

National Security and Lives of People:

False information about potential threats can lead to panic and harm national security. It is essential to rely on verified information from official sources to ensure the safety of the public and avoid the spread of baseless rumours.

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The claims circulating on social media regarding a foreign-backed plot to create chaos in Sri Lanka and postpone elections lack credible evidence. The Ministry of Defence has explicitly denied receiving any such reports, and there is no corroboration from reliable local and foreign news sources. As fact-checkers, we emphasise the importance of relying on verified information from official channels and avoiding spreading unverified and potentially harmful information. Currently, there is no credible threat to the country, as suggested by the social media posts.


Title:Unsubstantiated Claims of Foreign-Backed Plot to Create Chaos in Sri Lanka and Postpone Elections

Written By: Fact Crescendo Team  

Result: Missing Context

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