This Video Does Not Show Queen Elizabeth II Throwing Food To Africans.

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The video was filmed over two decades before the birth of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has died on the last day after reigning for seven decades. Many pictures and videos of her in mourning, paying her final tributes, have flooded social media.

Social Media Claims

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has renewed discussion about the British Empire and colonialism in Africa. Amidst this, a video showing two women in white dress and white hat throwing what looks to be food at a gathering of kids who are seen fighting to grab it is widely circulating on social media. Users claim that the video shows Queen Elizabeth II throwing food to the African kids.

The caption of the video says “A viral video of Queen Elizabeth II allegedly throwing food to Africans”.

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Fact Check-

We found a French website named Catalogue Lumière, which provides complete catalogue of the archived films made by the Lumière Company in Lyon, France, while reverse searching frames from the video. 

According to the website, the caption of the image is “Annamese children collecting sapeques in front of the Ladies’ Pagoda”.  A film made by Gabriel Veyre, which was shot in between 1899 and 1900 in the French colony of Annam, French Indochina (now Vietnam). On January 20, 1901, the film was shown in Lyon, France, under the title “Indo-Chine: Annamese children picking up cash in front of the ladies’ pagoda.”

Annam is the name of Vietnam used until 1945 and sapèque are coins issued by France in the late 19th century for use in Indochina. 

The women in the video, according to the website, are Madame Paul Doumer (wife of Paul Doumer) and her daughter. When the film was made, Paul Doumer was appointed governor general of Indochina. He later served as president of France.

The film was made in between 1889 and 1900, more than two decades before Queen Elizabeth II was born. Zooming in on the woman tossing coins reveals that she bears no resemblance to the famous British monarch.

We looked for the film on YouTube and discovered a channel with a collection of Lumière films. The video was titled, “Lumière: Annamese children picking up coins in front of the Ladies’ Pagoda (1900).”


We found that the claim is false and that the woman in the video is not Queen Elizabeth II. The video is from an old film by French film

maker Gabriel Veyre shot between 1899 and 1900. This video was shot in what is now Vietnam more than two decades before Queen was born. The woman in the 1889 film throws coins rather than food.