Was President Trump scared on podium when a man shouted Coronavirus

Coronavirus False International

With United Stated President Donald Trump at the center of attraction with record number of patients being detected, a video of President Trump getting startled on a podium when a man shouts ‘Coronavirus!!’ was circulating in social media streams. 

Our Factchecking team decided to factcheck it.

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A Facebook user called  Siva Tharshan shared a video with the claim ” கொரோனோ புதிய திகில் வீடியோ” translating to English as “corona new thrill video”. The video was updated on 14th of this March 

Fact Check 

We use google reverse image tool with an image capture from this video and found a video by imaginemedia07 dated March 12, 2016. While searching for similar content we found another video by CBS Evening News on the same date as shown below. 

The video titled “Man tries to rush stage at Donald Trump rally” shows a man trying to reach President Trump while he was addressing a gathering.

Factcrescnedo Tamil team had done a fact check on the same video two months before with the claim President Trump was scared on a podium for “Allahu akbar” sound, indicating that this had been misinterpreted with different narrations.

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The above information proves that the viral video is doctored and hence is FAKE.


From our investigation it is clear that President Trump getting scared on a podium after man shouted ‘Coronavirus!!’ was totally fake and the actual incident happened in 2016.


Title:Was President Trump scared on podium when a man shouted Coronavirus

Fact Check By: Nelson Mani 

Result: False

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