Sajith Premadasa Did NOT Say Smoking Causes Cirrhosis

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Sajith Premadasa, the opposition leader of Sri Lanka, has announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election scheduled for the end of this year. As the election approaches, there has been a noticeable increase in misleading and false information targeting him on social media. These disinformation campaigns seem to be strategically aimed at undermining his credibility and electoral prospects.

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A video circulating on social media claims that opposition leader Sajith Premadasa stated that smoking causes cirrhosis. The video has been widely mocked, suggesting that Premadasa made a medical error in his speech.

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We decided to do a fact check on this.

Fact Check

Original Event Context:

The video in question originates from a recent event where Sajith Premadasa donated medical equipment to the Malwathu Hiripitiya Hospital in Gampaha. During his speech, he discussed the health impacts of alcohol and cigarette usage.(Listen from 11th minute )

What Sajith Premadasa Actually Said:

Upon reviewing the original, unaltered video, it is clear that Premadasa correctly stated:

Alcohol causes cirrhosis.

 Smoking causes mouth cancers, lung cancers, and heart attacks.

These statements align with widely accepted medical knowledge.

Altering of the Video:

The circulating video has been edited to misrepresent Premadasa’s statements, suggesting that he claimed smoking causes cirrhosis. This alteration appears to be intended to tarnish his reputation.

The video comparison can be watched below.

Confirmation from Media Secretary:

The media secretary of Sajith Premadasa confirmed that he did not say smoking causes cirrhosis.

Additional Information: Smoking and Liver Cirrhosis

Link Between Smoking and Liver Cirrhosis:

While Premadasa did not make this claim, it is worth noting that smoking is a risk factor for liver diseases, including cirrhosis. Smoking increases the number of toxins in the body, which the liver must process. This increased workload can lead to liver toxicity and oxidative stress, resulting in liver cell damage.

Mechanism of Liver Damage from Smoking:

Toxin Overload: Smoking introduces various toxins into the body, leading to increased liver workload.

Oxidative Stress: The liver cells are exposed to free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and damage.

Liver Scarring and Thickening: Over time, this damage can cause liver scarring and tissue thickening. Severe cases lead to cirrhosis, characterized by extensive scarring and impaired liver function. More details can be read here in Healthline

A research which revealed about the risk of smoking to cirrhosis can be reached here 

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The claim that Sajith Premadasa said smoking causes cirrhosis is false. The video circulating on social media has been altered to misrepresent his statements. Premadasa correctly attributed cirrhosis to alcohol use and attributed other serious health risks to smoking, such as cancers and heart disease. Although not widely known, smoking can indeed be a risk factor for liver cirrhosis, but this was not part of Premadasa’s original speech.


Title:Sajith Premadasa Did NOT Say Smoking Causes Cirrhosis

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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