Ten countries have removed all Covid19 precautions? Germany found gargling with hot water eradicates Covid19? Find out the truth!!

Medical Misleading

COVID19 pandemic continues to have a great impact among communities around the world, amounting to over 5 million deaths over the past 2 year period. Despite best efforts of the health officials in promoting vaccination drives, emergence of new virus variants have made the task of minimizing the spread of virus even more difficult as well.  

In this scenario we noticed a viral claim on social media claiming that certain countries had relaxed all health guidelines, treating COVID19 as another seasonal flu. However, our investigation proves this is yet another hoax. Let’s have a look at the viral message on social media.

Social Media Posts

A long text message, consisting mainly of 2 parts, and the first speaks about how 10 countries from different parts of the world had announced cancellation of all quarantine procedures, tests and compulsory vaccination, treating the disease as just a seasonal flu. Second part of the message speaks about how German studies had proven gargling with semi-hot water of Abmonak solution could eliminate the COVID19 virus. Below is the full message.

 “The following countries announced the cancellation of all quarantine procedures, Corona tests, and compulsory vaccination, and considering Corona just a seasonal flu:

 1) Turkey 🇹🇷

 2) Brazil 🇧🇷

 3) Britain 🇬🇧

 4) Sweden 🇸🇪

 5) Spain 🇪🇸

 6) Czech Republic 🇨🇿

 7) Mexico 🇲🇽

 8) El Salvador 🇸🇻

 9) Japan 🇯🇵

 10) Singapore 🇸🇬

 : The end of the Corona virus with this German prevention. 

German scientists announced, after a series of studies, that the Corona virus not only reproduces in the lungs like the SARS virus in 2002, but also spreads widely in the throat during the first week of infection.

Scientists suggested to the German chancellor and the Minister of Health that they ask people to do a simple task several times a day, which is to gargle with a semi-hot solution of Abmonak.

They have long stressed the need to do this, and now, after the results of experiments conducted by German biologists on the multiplication of the Corona virus in the throat, they have emphasized once again the necessity of gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt.

German scientists assure the German Ministry of Health: if all people clear their throat several times a day by gargling with a semi-hot solution of salt water, then the virus will be completely eliminated throughout Germany within a week.

Experiments have shown that by gargling with a solution of water and salt, we constantly turn our throats into a completely alkaline environment, and this environment is the worst environment for the coronavirus, because with salt water, the pH of the mouth changes to an alkaline pH, and if we gargle several times a day by gargling with saline. Almost hot, we are not giving the coronavirus a chance to multiply.

It is therefore necessary for all people to gargle with a semi-hot saline solution several times a day several times a day especially in the morning and before leaving the house and after returning home, so as not to allow the Corona virus to multiply at all in the same initial period.

Let’s ask all people to apply these important and simple health tips with commitment

As this article goes viral, you too will be in the circle of those fighting the spread of the coronavirus

Send to your loved ones”

Below are some of the instances this viral message has been shared among Facebook users.

Same message was viral among WhatsApp users as well.

Fact Check

First, we directed our attention to the first part of the claim which claims about cancellation of quarantine procedures and all covid19 related precautions by 10 countries.

We did a background check on each of these said countries based on available international media reports and their official government statements. However, none of these countries had issued a statement to suggest that the health guidelines related to COVID19 had been abandoned.

Turkey: In Turkey, tourists are required to show negative PCR or rapid antigen reports before entering the country. They categorize the tourists as high risk and less risky and travelers who come from high-risk countries have to be quarantined for 14 days. More details over this can be taken from hereArchived.  Here is a FB post from Turkey’s Health Minister recently, which states that the society is largely vaccinated yet the precautions are a must

Brazil: In Brazil, all the visitors to the country must present the proof of negative rapid antigen test (taken before 24 hours to the flight) or PCR test (taken before 72 hours).More details about this can be taken from here.Archived. Furthermore, with the surge in new COVID19 cases in Brazil, largely due to the Omicron variant, Brazilian health regulator Anvisa has approved the sale of COVID-19 self-tests in drugstores across the country as reported here.

Britain: Vaccinated people are not required to have a PCR or antigen test before entering the UK. But unvaccinated people should have a negative PCR or RAT test report before entering the UK. Details about this can be taken from here.Archived. The NHS-UK recently did announce that in England, face coverings are no longer required by law. However, the government suggests that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet. More details here and here

Sweden: A vaccination certificate is essential to enter Sweden. If not, PCR /RAT negative reports are needed to enter the country. Many details about this can be taken from here.ArchivedHere is a FB post, in which Sweden’s Health minister speaks about the importance of restrictions amidst the spread of the Omicron variant. Also she has continually stressed on the importance of vaccination drive.

Spain: To enter Spain, a vaccination certificate is necessary. And Spain also categorizes some countries of the world as high risk areas for Covid19. People who come from such risky areas, have to undergo additional health related protocols. Details about this can be taken from here.Archived.

Czech Republic: Czech Republic has more strict health guidelines when entering the country. Despite the fact whether the person is vaccinated or unvaccinated, they have to submit a negative PCR report before entering the Czech Republic. More details about those health precautionary actions can be taken from here.Archived. While Czech Republic’s new government had taken some initiatives such as to shorten the quarantine and isolation times & compulsory vaccination etc. as the COVID19 cases continued to increase the Prime Minister has stated the importance of vaccination. Reuters

Mexico: Mexico is another country which has shown a spike in COVID19 cases and CDC has listed the country at “very high” risk zone. However, Mexico remains open to travelers, however. There is no need to provide a negative PCR test or quarantine on arrival, though most resorts ask guests to fill out health questionnaires. There are health screenings at airports. Some Mexican states or cities might have tighter restrictions. CNN 

El Salvador: El Salvador recently lifted the need for vaccination card or PCR tests to enter the country. However, they are urging the travelers to voluntarily follow the all-health precautions. Details over this, can be taken from here.Archived.

Japan: Foreign Ministry of Japan announced that every person who enters the country should present a negative Covid19 test before entering the country, no matter whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. Details about this can be taken from here.Archived. Japan is also ramping up COVID-19 restrictions as omicron cases surge in the country. Also Japan has reopened COVID mass vaccination centers in bid to speed up booster shots.

Singapore: Travelers should take a PCR report before the two days from departure to Singapore. People who don’t have PCR reports will be denied entry to the country. Details about this can be taken from here.Archived. Despite being one of the highly vaccinated countries, Singapore Ministry of Health has urgent public to stay safe and follow health guidelines during current Chinese News Year celebrations

From the above details it’s clear that while there have been some form of lifting of restrictions in certain countries, none of the countries mentioned above had fully abandoned health guidelines, precautions related to COVID19. Especially with the emergence of Omicron variants, most of the countries have stressed the importance of following health protocols with adequate quarantine and need for vaccination and getting booster doses.

Then we searched about the second part of the claim, the gargling method using salt with semi-hot water of Abmonak solution to eradicate covid19. We checked about the gargling method and whether hot salt water can stop the infection of Covid19 as the viral text message says.

We checked about the research papers which can support the statement of viral social media text. However, we were unable to find such an article from a reliable source.

However, we were able to find the research article in the famous “Nature “magazine which has contradictory ideas with viral social media text. Research done in October, 2021 in Malaysia clearly shows that gargling from hot salt water cannot stop the infection of Covid19 according to known scientific evidence.

Research Paper| Archived

To get further more information, we contacted Prof. Neelika Malavige Head – Department of Immunology and Molecular Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. She said that there was no sufficient clinical evidence to claim that gargling with hot salt water solution could stop the COVID19 infection.

The viral text message says that German scientists suggested to their government regarding the salt water gargling and it could pave the way for eradicating the pandemic. We checked in media reports and were not able to find any reliable media reports on the same. So, we contacted the German Health Ministry to get their comments related to this issue. According to their responses, this article will be updated.

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According to our investigation we were able to find out that the claim what says 10 countries announced the cancellation of all quarantine procedures, COVID19 tests, and compulsory vaccination, and considered Coronavirus as just a seasonal flu is misleading. While some countries had relaxed restrictions none of these countries had totally abandoned health guidelines, precautions related to COVID19 and especially with the increase in cases due to the Omicron variant many have urgent to follow health guidelines stressing the importance of getting vaccinated along with booster doses.

We also clarified that even though gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt could alleviate certain symptoms of COVID19, it is not proven to be a method to eradicate COVID19. Furthermore, there isn’t any reliable scientific evidence so far to support that gargling with semi hot water and salt solution could avoid the infection of covid19. 

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Title:Ten countries have removed all Covid19 precautions? Germany found gargling with hot water eradicates Covid19? Find out the truth!!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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