AI-Generated & Digitally Manipulated Images Viral As Real Photos taken During Solar Eclipse Recent Solar Eclipse

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A total solar eclipse was recently witnessed across parts of North America. This event continues to be a hot topic on social media, albeit alongside a wave of misleading content. 

Social Media Claim 1:

An image circulating on social media claims to be a natural photograph of this year’s April 8 solar eclipse. It shows a giant sun covered by the moon’s shadow and bordered by swirling sun rays in the sky.

Facebook |Archived

Fact Check:

Image Description: The image in question indeed portrays a solar eclipse, with the moon’s shadow covering a portion of the sun and sun rays visible around the edges.

Abnormal Features: Upon closer inspection, several aspects of the image appear unnatural. The size of the sun appears abnormally large, and the sun’s rays seem exaggerated and unrealistic.

Reverse Image Search: Using Google reverse image search, multiple Instagram posts were found with captions claiming that the image is the “best AI depiction” of a solar eclipse.

AI Analysis: AI image detection tools, such as Hive, confirm that the image is AI-generated. These tools utilise algorithms to analyse images and identify whether AI technologies were used to generate them.

Social Media Claim 2:

Another image claiming to be scenes of “Solar Ellipse in Mexico” was viral among social media users, which showed an image of the total solar eclipse silhouetting Toronto’s CN Tower.

FB | Archived

Fact Check

A reverse image search of the viral image revealed that it was indeed a photo manipulation. A Toronto-based digital creator, Taylor Holm @tayrontoo, created the original image. He posted the original creation on April 1, 2024, as an April Fool’s Day joke.

Intrigued by the amazing design, many users were inquisitive about the technology used in creating this artwork, to which Taylor replied that the image had been artificially rendered.

Despite the rare celestial event having passed on, discussions about the recent solar eclipse persist. It’s essential for those engaging in these discussions to ensure the accuracy of the content they encounter and rely on credible sources for information about the eclipse. 

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Title:AI-Generated & Digitally Manipulated Images Viral As Real Photos taken During Solar Eclipse Recent Solar Eclipse

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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