Another simulation video falsely claimed as footage from the deadly Nepal Plane Crash!

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It’s been two weeks since the deadly Pokhara plane crash. This was one of the biggest tragedies in Nepal’s aviation history in recent times and left no survivors. As this accident grabbed the entire world’s attention, some social media users wrongly seized the opportunity and created false and misleading content implying it to be the scenes of the unfortunate plane crash.

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We found another misleading video claiming to be footage from inside the ill-fated Yeti Airlines plane seconds before the crash.  A Facebook user posted a video reel on Facebook with the caption “Footage of Nepal airplane incident.”

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The video seemingly looks to be a staged / animated clip, however we did a quick fact checks to verify the facts.

Fact Check

We began our investigation by using the keyframes in the video and performing Reverse Image searches to identify the origins of the video. And it led us to the Youtube Channel of a 3D artist named Ayoub Attache from the USA.

Ayoub uploaded this video in June 2021, and featured it on his channel, long before the Nepal accident. He described this video as a “Plane Crash simulation in Unreal Engine 5 using Chaos Field System for turbulence with ragdoll physics.” as seen below.


We checked Ayoub’s work and noticed that he had created many such simulation accident videos on his channel. Here is one such video. Archive

More such projects of Ayoub can be viewed on his profile on Artstation here

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This is NOT a Video of the Nepal Plane Crash in Pokhara!

The Yeti Air Hostess recorded this TikTok Video several months before the Pokhara Crash!


The above video on Facebook claiming to be the footage of Nepal’s plane crash incident was FALSE. Instead, the video was a plane crash 3D simulation created by a 3D artist named Ayoub Attache.


Title:Another simulation video falsely claimed as footage from the deadly Nepal Plane Crash!

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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