This Viral Video Does Not Show Women Beating a Muslim Man nor an Indian Politician; Here is The Truth…

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A video showing a group of women pulling out a man from his car and thrashing him has gone viral on social media. The video is shared with multiple narratives. Some claims stated that the group of women attacked a Muslim man who allegedly abused them, while others say it was an Indian politician getting beaten up.

However, when our investigation found that the incident was not communal nor related to any politician. The people seen in the video are from the same community. Let us check the narrative spun around this video and the complete truth of the incident.

Viral Video

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In the video above, we can see a group of women pulling out a man from his car and thrashing him with bare hands, sticks, and chappals. The Twitter user who has shared this video claims that the incident is from Kerala, where women thrashed a Muslim man for using ‘filthy’ language against them. 

Below is another claim which said that it was a Red carpet welcome for a politician in India & Very soon to be expected in Sri Lanka, as seen below.

Let us find out whether this claim is true or false.

Fact Check

We did a keyword search on Google with related keywords and found some news articles on the incident. The news reports claim that the incident took place in a village called Muriyad in Thrissur district of Kerala. The village houses a spiritual retreat center called Emperor Emmanuel Church. This is the center of activities of a religious cult called Zion. The women are members of the Emperor Emmanuel Church, and the man who is being beaten is an ex-member of the Church.

As per a report by NDTV, a man named Shaji and his family were attacked after he left the retreat center. The women who attacked Shaji alleged that the latter shared morphed naked pictures of them. The Police was quoted by PTI as follows: “As per the man’s complaint, the women attacked him out of a misunderstanding that he had propagated the morphed pictures of a woman related to the retreat center.”

Following this complaint, Kerala Police arrested 11 women and started an investigation. However, the members of Zion also leveled multiple allegations against Shaji and his family, such as sexual harassment, attempts to murder, etc. In addition, the group members also attacked Shaji’s relative. This created tensions in Muriyad and the Thrissur district collector had to intervene to urge both groups to stop the violence.

As per media reports, the case is registered at Aloor Police Station. Factcrescendo India Team spoke to the investigating officer Inspector Sibin M.B. He said that the campaign being run on social media around this video is False and misleading, and the people seen in the video are from the same community. He further added, “The man Shaji was a member of the Zion religious group, and he had a fallout with the group. However, he is not a Muslim, and there is no communal angle to the incident.

We also inquired Inspector Sibin whether there was any political angle to this incident as some in Kerala have claimed the person getting beaten to be a CPM party member. However, Police said such a political affiliation had not emerged so far during the investigations. Moreover, the CPM party also denied the claims that the person getting beaten was affiliated with their party.

What is Emperor Emmanuel Church?

Emperor Emmanuel Church or Zion is situated in the Muriyad Village in Thrissur district of Kerala. Joseph Ponnara founded it. The group believes in Emmanuel, who is the second coming of Jesus Christ and has many other beliefs that are different from traditional Christian beliefs. The Church has often been described as a ‘Doomsday Cult.’ Their website says: “Zion believes that the Son of GOD, JESUS CHRIST, HAS COME AGAIN to this earth in the flesh NOW. As prophesied by GOD through His prophet Isaiah, the Son of GOD is now called Emmanuel.

The Church is not new to controversies and has faced allegations of registering fake police complaints against people who left the Church. As per a report published in The Hindu, some ex-members claimed that the Church was targeting them. The ex-members alleged that the new leadership of the Church had introduced new methods and beliefs, which they did not agree upon and hence left. They added that the vengeful Church is now filing a fake complaint against them.  


Our investigation found that the claim made about the viral video was false. The video does not show women beating a Muslim man for using filthy language, nor is it related to any politician. Instead, the women beat a man named Shaji after alleging he had shared their morphed nude images. Shaji is an ex-member of Emperor Emmanuel Church in Muriyad, Kerala and the women are members of the Church.


Title:No, the Viral Video Does Not Show Women Beating a Muslim Man Allegedly for abusing them; Here is The Truth…

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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