No NPP Affiliation to the Newly Elected  Director Board of Galle District`s Chamber of Commerce and Industries!

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Recently, an annual general meeting and election were held at a hotel in Galle to select a director for the Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries. However, misleading social media posts regarding the elected directors followed soon after. Our investigation aims to clarify any misconceptions surrounding this election.

Social Media posts 

Social media posts say that all directors selected for the board of the Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries represent the political party National Peoples Power (NPP).

Facebook| Archived 

Many social media users have questioned the veracity of these claims.

Fact Check:

Official Statement: The Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries issued a notice on their Facebook page refuting the claims made on social media. The notice explicitly stated that no group representing a particular political party was selected for the director board. The official statement from the organisation contradicts the viral claims, as seen below.

Confirmation from CEO: The CEO of the Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries categorically denied the viral social media claims. The CEO emphasised that the organisation has a longstanding history of supporting the positive decisions of any existing government while, at the same time, opposing the unhealthy decisions of the government related to the business community. However, they have not been involved in selecting directors based on political affiliations.

Absence of Mainstream Media Reports: Despite claims circulating on social media, there are no reports from mainstream media outlets corroborating the social media claims. Typically, if such an incident related to NPP were to occur, it would likely attract media attention. The absence of any credible media coverage further discredits the claims.

Response From NPP: Meanwhile, the NPP media unit also said that there is no affiliation of NPP to the selected director board of Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Personal Political Preferences: While individuals associated with the chamber may have personal political preferences and affiliations, the organization itself has made it clear that its actions, including the selection of directors, are not influenced by political affiliations. It is essential to differentiate between personal favours and organizational decisions.

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In conclusion, the fact check confirms that the claims regarding the selection of directors for the Galle District Chamber of Commerce and Industries board being affiliated solely with the National Peoples Power (NPP) party are false. The organization’s official statement, the CEO’s confirmation, and the absence of credible media reports all support this conclusion. However, it’s acknowledged that individuals within the organization may hold personal political preferences, but this does not equate to institutional bias or influence in board selection processes.


Title:No NPP Affiliation to the Newly Elected Director Board of Galle District`s Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Written By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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