These photos do NOT depict the wealth and life of a late billionaire from Kuwait!

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Death is inevitable and we all must surrender to death sooner or later. However, many are interested in the funerals of rich and famous people, which often get a lot of media attention. This is our investigation associated with misleading social media posts, which claimed to be a collection of photos of a Kuwaiti billionaire.

Social Media Posts

A photo collection was viral on WhatsApp, depicting to be the belongings of the wealthiest man in Kuwait named Nassi Al Kharki, as seen below.

“The wealthiest man in Kuwait, Nassi Al kharki, has passed away. Check out all treasures and assets. He can’t carry a single thing with him. This is a grim reminder to all of us”

We saw some very recent posts circulating on Facebook on similar lines as well.

Facebook | Archived

We also noticed that these photos, claimed to be the belongings of Kuwait`s richest man, had been in circulation for several years under different names. One such name was” Nasir Ul Iraqi” seen in this Facebook post.

Facebook | Archived

Fact Check

First, we checked the details of the photos viral on WhatsApp and Facebook posts. One photo shows a man lying in a coffin wearing luminous jewellery. The other pictures are of a box of glittering stones, gold bullion and bars, golden bed and accessories, a jet, yacht and car, glittering stairs and bundles of dollar notes, etc.

We carried out a reverse image search for the image of a man lying in a coffin and found out that this image does not depict any man from Kuwait but a rich businessman in Trinidad and Tobago. The person was a real estate mogul and second-hand motor vehicle dealer. The person was shot and killed by shooters. At the time of his death, he was just 33, and his name was Sheron Sukhedo. Reports about this businessman and his death can be found on Daily Mail and Metro websites. Those reports can be read here and here.Archived & Archived

The wealthiest man in Kuwait 

We could not find the name of any rich Kuwaiti man by the word “Nassi Al Kharki” in the Forbes list of wealthiest people. And also, there was no name, Nasir Ul Hiraqi, in the Forbes. The closest name we found was Nassi Al Kharafi, a Kuwaiti businessman who died in 2011. His name was present in the Forbes billionaire list of that year. The report can be seen here. Archived 

We also found that the photos of the belongings of riches in the viral posts have been used by many websites earlier as stock photos.

Reverse Image Search Results

This photo is related to the Bank of England in London.

We found a similar photo on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website with the explanation– ‘$3M in illicit currency seized by Border Patrol agents

A cropped version of this photo can be found on the National Geographic website. The photo’s caption says, ‘Stacks of gold bars fill a bank vault, Pretoria, South Africa.’ 

The picture was uploaded by a ‘Flickr user with the description – ‘Swarovski Crystal Staircases on the MSC Fantasia’.  ‘MSC Fantasia is a Fantasia-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises. More details can be read here.

This Luxury Crystal Benz, decorated from 3,00,000 Swarovski crystal glass, was exhibited at the pavilion of a custom car accessory company at Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan in 2009.

Our search found that the gold bed for sale at INR 5.65 lakh at a showroom can be purchased anywhere via the internet. More details about this can be taken from here. Archived

The golden jet in the viral picture is a Dassault Falcon 900B.

The golden-colour car photo was posted by ‘West Coast Customs’ on Facebook in 2015.  ‘West Coast Customs’ wrote – ‘this Gold Rolls we built in 2015 for The Gumball 3000’. So this photo was taken after the death of Nasser Al-Kharafi. The golden-colour yacht is ‘Khalilah’. It was created after the death of Nasser Al-Kharafi and so not related to Kuwait billionaires.

So, it`s clear that unrelated images are being shared as the belongings of a Kuwait billionaire.

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According to our investigation, it is clear that many of the images seen on viral posts can be found in photo stocks and other places on the internet, and aren’t related to a late billionaire from Kuwait.


Title:The photos depict the wealth and life of a late billionaire in Kuwait. (PHOTOS) …. Find out the facts

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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