FACT CHECK: Is This the Baby with The Darkest Skin Complexion in the World? No, here is the fact….


A photo has been shared widely across the globe with a claim that it is of the baby with the darkest skin complexion on Earth. The posts, even though debunked again and again, stubbornly resurfaces every now on then on social media. Factcrescendo Sri Lanka team noticed multiple social media posts with the photo getting viral again in many parts of the world, claiming to be the darkest skin colored baby in the world.

However, the investigation reveals that this is yet another hoax, and the images were actually of a doll. 

Social Media Posts:

The Facebook page, Amazing Facts, shared an image of a baby girl alongside the narration “WORLD`S DARKEST BABY FROM SOUTH AFRICA. IS SHE BEAUTIFUL?” as seen below.

Facebook | Archived

We noticed similar claims getting shared throughout Facebook.

Fact Check:

Google Reverse Image Search, for the baby’s photos yielded many results, through which we were able to confirm that the baby depicted as world`s darkest skin baby was not a real baby but a doll created from polymer clay.

The baby doll was created by a sculptor named Lailah Pearson from the USA. On her Pinterest account, we were able to find a similar artwork using polymer clay which resembled the viral image claiming the darkest baby as seen below.

Web| Archived

The doll was put up for sale at the E Commerce website, Etsy, under the account name “breath of heaven”. When we investigated the seller details, we noticed the item listed under the artist Lilah Pearson as well.

Web | Archived

Web| Archived

Furthermore, Lilah’s Pinterest account featured many similar artworks done using polymer clay as seen below.

Pinterest | Archived

This claim had initially gone viral in 2015 which had been debunked by many fact checking organizations around the world here is Sinhala version of this story.

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According to our investigation, it was found out that the image which was being shared among social media users as the darkest skin baby in the world from South Africa was not a real baby and it was a doll created from polymer clay by an artist called Lailah Pearson from the USA.

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Title:Is This the Baby with The Darkest Skin Complexion in the World?

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: False

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