A Breast Beauty Oil Promoted with Misleading & Exaggerated Information!

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Facebook ads are often used to promote fashion and beauty products online. A viral promotion of a breast beauty serum, claiming to have the miracle power of preventing breast cancer in women, has been widely made on social media platforms for the past few years. However, after checking with health agencies and medical experts, we discovered the information in the promotion was false.


Oilyoung By Juria—a kind of breast beauty oil—has been promoted on Facebook for several years. Among its benefits, the product promotion mentions that this oil can prevent breast cancer in women, an extra advantage added to its breast enlargement and firming.

The product has been widely promoted on social media for years with such information. The promotion has gotten many shares, reactions, and comments from social media users who expressed their agreement with the provided information.

Below is the full video of the Oilyoung by Juria promoted by a Facebook page named Sn shop Cambodia on May 23, 2023, saying, “The promotion is open for two days, buy one, get one. Come on, sisters. The promotion is for 100 sets of products. Just apply the oil to your breast, and yours will be firm. The oil is safe to use; no side effects on health in the future. It removes stria and prevents women from breast cancer. You will see your breast shape change between 5 and 10 days.”

Facebook Post | Archived Link

The same product was promoted on social media again two months later, sharing the same information: that the oil can prevent breast cancer in women. The promotion got more than 2K shares and 1.2 million views last year.

See the full video of the product promotion made by the same Facebook page on July 09, 2023. Facebook Post | Archived Link

Another Facebook page, Oil Young by Juria, posted the same information about the product promotion last month. The promotion received more than 1K shares and more than 1.9 million views. See the full video below. Facebook Post | Archived Link

Below is another video promoting the same breast beauty product by the same social media user. The post got more than 2K shares and 2.8 million views. Facebook Post | Archived Link


Fact Crescendo Team began debunking the product promotion by submitting an inquiry to health agencies and medical experts for explanations. Then, we found out the facts below.

We noticed the numbers when reviewing the product promotions on social media and tried to contact them for comments by chat and phone.

Then, we found out the product was imported and distributed by an online supplier, Heang Sokjuria. The supplier claims in her social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) that she is the founder of the product.

Responding to an inquiry from Fact Crescendo Cambodia, Heang Sokjuria confirmed and claimed her product was approved by the Ministry of Health. However, after being asked for the certificate approved by the health ministry and clinical proof, the online distributor said she would send them via Telegram communication, which she has never responded anymore.

But Heang Kimseat, Director of the Department of Medicine, Food, Medical Equipment, and Cosmetics, the Ministry of Health, said this type of breast beauty oil does not have an approval certificate from their agency. The health ministry official asserted he had tried to contact the online distributor using the phone numbers provided but could not. 

Doctor Eav Sokha—an oncology and hematology specialist at the EAV SOKHA CANCER CLINIC—said that, to his knowledge, there are no scientific studies showing the efficacy and safety of this product. He added that the product has not been approved for usage yet, and the information is just for marketing purposes.

We also discovered that this product is available from online retailers in Southeast Asia and the Far East, such as Lazada and Shopee.

Reviewing a sale posted on Lazada, we found that the product description says it is made of oil extracted from seeds and ginseng root to change the curve of women’s breasts. However, there is no description of breast cancer prevention at all.

Lazada | Archived Link

An official from the National Cancer Programme under Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health said there are no clinically proven results for such a product for breast cancer and other types of cancers and that this product is not recommended in the country.

We also noticed that several products with similar names had deceived consumers in different parts of the world with magical powers that were not proven clinically. In one such instance, the ‘Business Insider Today’ had extensively investigated dubious claims used for promoting essential oil business by ‘Young Living’. The company also sold its oils using medical claims with little to no scientific basis. Full video here.


The Fact Crescendo Team found out the information in the product promotion was false. The type of breast beauty oil has not gotten any approval certificate from the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, medical experts have said there are no clinical results to prove its efficacy and safety.


Title:A Breast Beauty Oil Promoted with Misleading & Exaggerated Information!

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: False

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