The Video Depicting Imran Khan Has Been Tortured Is Altered.

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The arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has garnered extensive coverage in both international and regional media. His arrest resulted from his conviction on charges related to the purchasing and selling state gifts.

Following his arrest, social media platforms have been flooded with posts concerning Imran Khan. However, it’s important to note that some content among these posts was misleading and inaccurate. Let’s look at one such misleading video claim.

Social Media Posts 

An emotional video featuring Imran Khan and the following quotes are circulating on social media. These posts on social media aim to portray that Imran Khan has suffered torture while in prison, damaging his eyes.

“IK has been tortured in jail and one eye damaged. Please forward as much as you can.”

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The video was viral among WhatsApp users in Sri Lanka as well.

We decided to do a fact-check on this.

Fact Check 

The circulating video clip featured the URL and logo of a media outlet called “We News,” based in Pakistan. We conducted a keyword search on their YouTube channel and identified a video resembling the viral one.

Within the clip, Khan’s voice could be heard discussing the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition formed in 2020 by 11 political parties, including Pakistan’s People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (PML), aiming to remove then-Prime Minister Imran Khan from office.

Subsequently, we located a more extended version of Khan’s interview, posted by “We News” on 1st August. This video contained the visuals that are currently circulating widely. In this video, Khan addressed the ongoing Toshakhana trial.

It’s important to highlight that the video predates Khan’s arrest. Notably, Khan’s eyes were not closed in this video, implying that the viral clip had been edited. A comparison between the viral and original videos demonstrates this discrepancy, as seen below.

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In conclusion, it is abundantly evident that an older video of Khan has been disseminated with deceptive assertions after undergoing editing and manipulation. There have been no reliable media reports about any torture incident faced by Khan in the prison.


Title:The Video Depicting Imran Khan Has Been Tortured Is Altered

Written By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Altered

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