Father requests public to refrain from sharing this WhatsApp forward of his missing daughter!

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Social Media is a great place to reach the masses, especially during a crisis, and we often come across instances where people seek public help, to find their missing loved ones. While these cries for help are indeed quite successful at times, they could have negative impacts as well, as this father found out after posting a missing person’s post for his daughter momentarily.

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Below is an ongoing viral claim among WhatsApp users in Sri Lanka, which shows a person claiming to be the father of the daughter seeking public help to find his missing daughter. The image appears to be a screenshot of taken from a Facebook group called “Enderamulla”

Fact Check 

As the post had displayed a mobile number to contact, we reached out to the person mentioned in a viral social media post claiming to be the father of the missing daughter.

Yaseer Ossen was indeed the father who had posted this missing daughter notice incidentally and he explained the true story behind this viral WhatsApp forward.

My  6-year-old little daughter went missing and I tried to find her everywhere and failed. So, what I did was to post her photo to a Facebook group and ask for help from people to find her as I was unable to find her in the house and surroundings. However, after 20-30 minutes of posting this Facebook post, suddenly she appeared from the house and I instantly deleted the Facebook post. However, even at that time a lot of people had already taken screenshots and had started sharing the same in Facebook as well as WhatsApp. I reported this incident to Facebook, and it appears that they have removed all those Facebook posts. Yet, even now the screenshots of that post have been spreading rapidly in WhatsApp and I am getting a lot of telephone calls to my mobile number as my number is mentioned in that post.”, he said.

We checked Mr. Yaseer Ossen’s Facebook profile and found several photos such as this of his family along with his daughter, which matched the image going viral in WhatsApp.

Father requests public to refrain from sharing this WhatsApp forward of his missing daughter who was apparently found at his house.

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Title:Father requests public to refrain from sharing this WhatsApp forward of his missing daughter!

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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