King Charles III wore a misbuttoned suit jacket, first day after his mother’s death? Here’s the truth…

International Misleading

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many social media posts are being exchanged related to the members of the British royal family, including King Charles III. Meanwhile, many misleading and sarcastic posts are also seen. This is our investigation related to such a misleading claim about King Charles III.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts claiming that King Charles III had worn a misbuttoned suit jacket soon after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is being shared virally on social media.

The post’s caption reads  “First Day Without Mom, At His Age Of 74.!! Look At His Coat Buttons…I Am Speechless”

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While many had taken these posts on lighter note and considered to be satirical, few had wondered where this was a genuine photo or not and whether it was a recent capture. Some of the comments can be seen below.

Fact Check

Members of the British Royal Family usually adhere to a number of rules, regulations, and rituals when it comes to dress and public appearances. They also prepare special dresses for royal funerals and information about it can be taken from hereArchived

Queen Elizabeth II, who held the crown for 70 years, the longest time so far in the United Kingdom, passed away on the 8th of September  at her royal palace in Balmoral, Scotland. More information on this can be taken from here.Archived

However, the day after her death (09), when King Charles III arrived at Buckingham Palace for the first time as the new king of Britain, he appeared in black attire as seen in these international media reports. |  Archived

Due to this, we did a reverse image search of the above photo shared on social media. The original photograph was captured on November 1, 2018 attributed to then Prince Charles with his wife at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Fajara,  Gambia as seen below in Alamy stock photos. | Archived Link

Accordingly, it is clear that this photo was taken about four years before the Queen’s death.

Also, as shown in the social media posts, King Charles III is not 74 years old, but is currently 73 years old, and he will be 74 years in coming November.

An investigation by the AFP fact-finding team in English is available here.

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Our investigation shows that King Charles III , who  is crowned as Britain’s new king, didn`t mistakenly wear misbuttoned suit jacket soon after the demise of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II

The original photo was taken around 4 years prior to the death of Queen Elizabeth II on November 1, 2018 at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Fajara,  Gambia.


Title:King Charles III wore a misbuttoned suit jacket, first day after his mother’s death? Here’s the truth…

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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