Human being who has the darkest skin tone in the world? Find out the facts…

International Misleading

With the development of modern technology, the photos of models, actors are spreading rapidly throughout the world via social media networks. Sometimes, such photos get shared alongside false/misleading captions. This is our investigation related with such a photo with a misleading caption.

Social Media Posts

A Facebook user posted a photo of a lady with a dark skin complexion, along with the caption, “The Darkest Human in the World”.

Facebook |Archived

Users comments for the post as seen below indicate that many admired the beauty of the model and believed the claim to be factually correct.

Due to the curious nature of these claims, we decided to do an investigation about it.

Fact Check

At the beginning, we did a reverse image search on this image and was able to find an Instagram account of a young model named, “Florence Baitio”. Her Instagram account can be reached from here.

We searched her Instagram account and was able to find a video ,which depicts she was in same posture as seen in the viral social media image.

Instagram | Archived

Then, we searched more details on this lady and were able to find an interview of her on a website for lifestyle magazine named “Galore”. In this “Galore” interview, she reveals details about her life and various challenges she had faced.

Baitio was born and lived at a refugee camp in Uganda and at the age of seven, she migrated to Australia. According to her views, she had to face lot of difficulties due to her chubby body shape and the dark skin color at the beginning of Australian life. However, with time she was able to maintain her body figure well and become a model. There wasn’t any statement in this interview that she was the darkest human of the world either. The article of “Galore” magazine can be reached from here.Archived.

Then, we searched about whether there were any reports about a person who has the darkest skin tone in the world.

We searched in the Guiness World Record Book yet didn’t show any related matches for a category named as the human who has darkest skin tone.

Meanwhile, we were able to find a tweet from Guiness World Record Book`s twitter account what claims that they are not monitoring for darkest skin tone.

Twitter | Archived 

We were able to find that Sudanese model, named as Nyakim Gatwech,the US model with South Sudanese descent, who was born in Ethiopia   was also wrongly labelled as the woman of darkest skin of the earth in some social media posts. However, Fact Crescendo India Team debunked it successfully and the English report can be reached from here. Archived.

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According to our investigation, we were able to confirm that the girl shown in the viral images is a young dark skinned model called Florence Batio, who currently resides in Australia. Even though she has a dark skin tone, similar to few other models as well, Guiness World Records, do not allocate a category  for  skin tone/darkest skin. Hence the claims are misleading.


Title:Human being who has the darkest skin tone in the world? Find out the facts…

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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