Viral Video Claiming to be Scenes from Recent Dubai Floods & Storms Contains Many Old Footages!

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After the recent floods in Dubai, a surge of social media content, including videos, has gone viral. However, it’s crucial to note that some of it is misleading. To prevent the spread of misinformation, social media users should exercise caution and verify the authenticity of such content before sharing it further.

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A viral video circulating on social media purportedly shows the heavy rains and storms that have recently occurred in Dubai.

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We decided to do a fact-check on this. 

Fact Check:

Component 1 : 

The video, showcasing scenes of high waves in Dubai, was traced back to November 2023. It was initially posted on TikTok under the account ‘disaster788.’

Misleading Representation: Despite being shared as recent footage of a Dubai flood, the video actually predates the alleged event by several months. This misinformation contributes to public confusion regarding the actual situation.

Component 2 :

Utilising the Invid We Verify tool, it was established that another video segment was extracted from a longer video titled “Giant Monster Attacks City,” uploaded to YouTube in July 2019. The original content is entirely unrelated to the recent Dubai floods, indicating a misrepresentation.

Contextual Discrepancy: While viral video segments have been verified as unrelated, not all components could be definitively traced to their origins. This poses a challenge in providing a comprehensive fact-check for the entire video.

Component 3:

Another part of the viral video was found to have been posted several months earlier, back in October 2023, titled “Monstrous Tornado Approaching #tornado #lasalle #montreal”, as seen below.

Component 4:

A short clip showing a tree being knocked down by the roots during a storm was also found to be unrelated to the current conditions in Dubai. The footage was reported from São José, Brazil, from April 2023, as reported here.

However, we also noticed that some components of the viral videos are indeed connected with the real incidents in Dubai, like the one below, which shows footage of Dubai Airport being flooded.

Verification Challenges: Despite diligent efforts, a few other smaller video components within the viral segment remain unverifiable. This underscores the complexity and limitations of verifying multimedia content comprehensively.

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In summary, the viral video segment falsely depicting a Dubai flood is, in fact, a collection of old and unrelated footage. It is crucial to verify the authenticity and context of such content to prevent the spread of misinformation. While some segments lack definitive origins, the identified primary source provides essential context for understanding the video’s misrepresented nature.


Title:Viral Video Claiming to be Scenes from Recent Dubai Floods & Storms Contains Many Old Footages!

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: Misleading

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