Heightened Tension Over the Diplomatic relationship between Israel and Brazil after Lula’s comments!

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Diplomatic tensions have flared between Israel and Brazil following a controversial statement made by Brazilian President Lula De Silva. The remark has sparked widespread dialogues in social media circles. Amidst these discussions, many have questioned the resulting diplomatic fallout between the two nations.

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Social Media Posts claimed that Brazil has cut off all diplomatic ties with Israel due to opposition to Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

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We decided to look at the sensitive nature of the tension between the two nations.


During the 37th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the far-left leader of Brazil, accused Israel of genocide in Gaza and compared its actions in the war against Hamas to those of Nazi Germany. “What is happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people has no parallel in other historical moments. In fact, it did exist when Hitler decided to kill the Jews,” Lula told reporters.

This statement has resulted in increased tensions between Brazil and Israel. 

In response, Israel’s foreign minister, Israel Katz, stated that President Lula would not be welcome in Israel until he retracted the remarks. The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said it would summon the Brazilian ambassador for a reprimand over the remarks, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as “disgraceful and grave”. Netanyahu slammed Brazil President Lula for comparing war against Hamas to the Holocaust, as reported here.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s foreign minister, Mauro Vieira, summoned the Israeli ambassador for Brazil for a meeting in Rio de Janeiro in response to statements made by Israeli officials. 

Furthermore, with the growing rift, Brazil’s president Lula summoned its ambassador, Frederico Meyer, back to Brazil “for consultations,” according to a statement from the country’s foreign ministry, which indicates that Brazil would not be retracting Lula’s Gaza comments, leading to a diplomatic row with Israel. 

These actions reflect broader disagreements over Israel’s actions in Gaza but do not constitute a complete cutoff of diplomatic relations between the two countries, which have shared a positive relationship over the past.

Brazil’s embassy in Israel will remain open, indicating that diplomatic ties persist despite heightened tensions, the New York Times reported here. Archived.  

In Diplomacy, the ending of all relationships is usually called name severance. “Severance of diplomatic relations” means their termination, which effectively. Ends all direct official communications between the two governments. More details can be taken here. This kind of severance issue has not happened yet between Brazil and Israel.

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Title:Diplomatic relationship between Israel and Brazil disturbed after Lula’s comments!

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