Elephant dance video-know the truth

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This is not an actual elephant. The organisers of the event clarified us that the artists were performing in elephant costumes.

Elephant dance videos have previously acquired popularity on social media. An elephant’s amazing dance is currently becoming viral on social media. Many people who share the video believe it is a real elephant dancing.

In the video, a decorated elephant is seen dancing to the beat of a drum, and people are gathered around it. Some people are dancing while playing drums. Along with this, elephant is also seen tapping his feet in the video along with the beats of the drum.

The captions along with the video states, “Only Sanatan Culture can keep animals happy”, “Elephant dance is amazing” etc.

But this video raises some doubts. So let’s check the truth

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Even media outlets including  News24 Hindi and ABP News published articles on the viral video, discussing on the elephant dance.

Fact Check- 

The elephant’s fast-paced dance raised suspicions, so we analysed the video carefully. When we watched the video closely, we spotted a banner with the word “Elevenz” on the back and the name of a shop in Malayalam. This confirms that the video is from Kerala. Based on this hint, a keyword search for ‘Elevenz’ on multiple social media platforms led us to an Instagram video. It was uploaded as collaboration by users ‘Anil Arts’ and ‘Elevenz Kadavallur’.

We reached out to Anil arts, it is professional program booking agency from Kilimanoor in Trivandrum. They told us that that the ‘elephant’ was a costume created by them. The artistes were dancing beautifully inside the costume of an elephant.  Through him we contacted Nithin of Elevenz Kadavallur for more clarification. He explained us that Elevens Kadavallur is a social and arts club located in Thrissur in Kerala. What is seen in the video is not the original dance of the elephant. In the video, a group called Anil Arts from Kilimanoor dressed up as an elephant and performed a dance. Actually there are two persons dancing inside the costume of the elephant. The programme was organised in connection with the festival at Kadavallur Sri Ramaswamy Temple on 21 and 22 January. So the dancing elephant is actually artists inside a costume.

We came across some videos of the ‘elephant’ on the Elevenz Kadavallur’s and Anil Arts’ accounts. Some of them can be seen herehere, and here.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be Misleading. The viral elephant dance video circulating is from Kerala. This is not an actual elephant. The organisers of the event clarified us that the artists were performing in elephant costumes.


Title:Elephant dance video-know the truth

Written By: Fact Crescendo Team 

Result: Misleading

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